Looking for a good FRIGHT? GlobalComix has got you covered—including the latest issue of HALLOWEEN MAN

OCT. 27, 2022 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Things are gettin’ spooky at GlobalComix! Representing more than 400 series and over 1500 books,10% of the library is horror! This season readers can look forward to new releases including Sacrament (AWA Studios), A Legacy of Violence (Mad Cave Studios), John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight (Storm King), The Winchester Mystery House (Source Point Press), The Darkness (Top Cow), and the latest partnership with award-winning author and Halloween Man series creator, Drew Edwards!

For 20 years, the Halloween Man series by Drew Edwards features an amazing roster of up-and-coming and mainstream artists including John Sowder, Jason Wilson, Paulo Hernandez, Evan Quiring, Max Young, John Gholson, Andrea Montano, Joey Muerto, and Sergio Calvet, Matt Morrison, Nicola Scott, and more!

“GlobalComix is a breath of fresh air, creator-friendly and open to fans, old and new,” said Drew Edwards. “Halloween Man is naturally filled with an autumnal atmosphere, and with the entire library currently on GlobalComix for free, that’s all treats and no tricks. All manner of ghosts, vampires, and monsters are available right at your fingertips for the perfect Halloween reading experience.”

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Halloween Man to GlobalComix,” said Christopher Carter, CEO & Founder of GlobalComix.“This time of year is special for horror fans, but we’re looking forward to celebrating this fantastic superhero year-round. It’s been an absolute joy for the team to work with Drew on this, and we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.”

In addition to its partnerships with publishers and a continually growing catalog, GlobalComix’s creator-first initiative continues to invite indie creators and titles like Halloween Man as part of their exciting and inclusive comics community. Ain’t so scary after all, is it?

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