Look Straight Ahead Graphic Novel


Look Straight Ahead is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Elaine M. Will. The second printing of this independent book will be released by Renegade Arts Entertainment Ltd and is currently solicited in Diamond Distributing’s October 2017 Previews.

Look Straight Ahead Cover
Look Straight Ahead Cover

Jeremy Knowles is a quiet, 17-year old outcast who dreams of being a great artist. But when he suffers a severe mental breakdown brought on by bullying and other pressures at school, his future is called into question, as is his very existence. Can he survive the experience through the healing power of art? And just what does it mean to be “crazy,” anyway?

What are comic creators saying about Look Straight Ahead?

“Look Straight Ahead is the comic I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. It’s a gorgeous dreamscape inside a perfectly realized gut-level reality, all brought to magnificent life by creator Elaine M. Will. I love it. You’ll love it. Read this book – you’ll be haunted, amused, and quite possibly brought to tears.” – Gail Simone (writer of Batgirl, Red Sonja and Secret Six)

Look Straight Ahead Interior Page
Look Straight Ahead Interior Page

“Elaine Will’s work is an undiscovered treasure. Her work manages to be both whimsical and emotive and ifs all anchored with an incredible sense of pacing and characterization. She’s a cartoonist to watch out for!” – Jeff Lemire (writer of Justice League United, writer/artist of Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder and Trillium)

“Will has a strong sense of character and an ear for authentic dialogue, making this an extremely readable and accessible work. It should be read by anyone who seeks to understand more about the debilitating effects of mental illness, especially on young people.” – Paula Jane Remlinger, Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

In addition to having the book rereleased, Canada’s Space sci-fi speciality channel will rebroadcast a segment they did on Elaine and Look Straight Ahead. Tune in October 3rd, 2017 at 7pm (EDT).

Title: Look Straight Ahead | Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment Ltd
Writer: Elaine M. Will | Artist: Elaine M. Will
Price: $19.95 – 256 pages

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