Long Beach Comic Expo Reveals its Impressive Program Line Up Ahead of January 11th Kick-Off

The full program guide for Long Beach Comic Expo, the highly-anticipated comics-first event coming this weekend to the Long Beach Convention Center on behalf of MAD Event Management LLC.

Taking place January 11 and 12 at the Long Beach Convention Center, #LBCE2020 is poised to be the best yet — joyfully connecting fans with the amazing talent behind their favorite comics, films, television shows, and more!

Committed to bringing the biggest and best comics-focused show to the beautiful greater Los Angeles area, Long Beach Comic Expo will proudly host a variety of exciting and information-packed panels and activities, including the Star Wars: Nothing But Star Wars panel, Space Expo-hosted Pop Paleo panel, Cosplay Comedy hour, and Geekfest’s always spirituous Women in Sci-Fi panel, to name a few.

This year, Long Beach Comic Expo is upping the ante with dozens of prestigious special guests, such as Breaking Bad’s Cesar Garcia and Daniel Moncada and Power Rangers stars Jason Faunt and Nakia Burrise. Guests may also recognize some familiar faces and voices from works such as Star Trek Continues, Stranger Things, and Gears of War. Dozens of comics industry icons will also be on-site, including Steven Seagle (Ben 10), Amanda Deibert (DC Super Hero Girls), Dan DiDio (DC Comics), and David Mack (Daredevil), among many others.

With loads of exciting activities, hands-on experiences, and a robust program schedule, there’s something for everyone at Long Beach Comic Expo! Here are some of the activities and panels you’ll be able to enjoy this weekend:

  • Celebrating Lodge 49: Meet the cast and celebrate your love for Lodge 49 at LBCE! Join the hosts of the Lodge 49 conversation podcast, POD 49, as they celebrate this remarkable show with an extra-length panel and live podcast recording. They will be joined by actors David Ury, Sam Puefua, Vik Sahay, and Alex Klein, director Alethea Jones (Circles, Estrella Y Mar), along with a few other special appearances!
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths — What Comes Next: With the CW’s unprecedented Crisis crossover coming to an end this week, join DC Daily‘s Sam Humphries and Fatman Beyond podcast co-host Marc Bernardin for a discussion of what’s happened so far, what happens next, and what viewers have to say about it. Every voice counts!
  • LBCE Annual Cosplay Contest: Charismatic costumed characters strut their stuff and show off their talents and compete in a variety of fun categories for a grand prize.
  • Superheroes and Killing: From the Golden Age of comics to modern-day heroes such as Punisher and Deadpool, comics characters haven’t always had a code against putting bad guys to rest. Gerry Conway (Punisher), Howard Chaykin (The Shadow), and artist Scott Koblish (Deadpool) take part in a panel that takes no prisoners.
  • Engineering Star Wars: Can’t get enough droids? Want R2 or BB-8 to join you on all your adventures? There’s a whole club of people dedicated to building R2-D2 and the other droids of Star Wars! Come learn the basics and see what it takes to craft your own Astromech droid from several women that build their own!
  • Pop Paleo: Space Expo proudly presents Pop Paleo, a discussion about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures that have dominated pop culture. From classic films like Jurassic Park to modern tales like Game of Thrones, dinosaurs and other extinct creatures have inspired amazing stories! But just how well do these fictional depictions of long-gone animals reflect what scientists actually know about them? Join a special panel of paleontologists as they break down what’s real and what’s inspired.
  • All Things DC: Join DC Publisher Dan DiDio as he leads a discussion about your favorite comic book memories and why the medium brings so many walks of life together.

To view the full LBCE 2020 programming guide, follow the link here: https://uberstrategist.link/LBCE2020-Programming

Long Beach Comic Expo 2020 tickets are on sale right now. Tickets available for purchase here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/long-beach-comic-expo-2020-tickets-70556730079

For additional information about the expo, its exhibitors, and the attending special guests go to http://longbeachcomicexpo.com.

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