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The Absentee Returns in July!

Now with Flatline Comics
Written by Kevin LaPorte
(Vicious Circus, Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen).
Art by Rando Dixon
Colors by Vito Potenza

All-New Issue 5 & New Editions of Issues 1-4
New Cover Series by Oscar Pinto
Original Covers by Rando Dixon

The Absentee is a story of interdimensional angels and demons run amok amongst an elite selection of human pilots, scientists, and tech moguls. When a profiteering attempt to harvest energy from adjacent dimensions opens the door to a body-thieving fiend called Thrice, the pilot – one Coy Blackler – becomes the vehicle for the sinister creature, who uses Coy’s form and identity to seduce his wife, sabotage his career, and twist the interdimensional harvesting technology to the purpose of opening the gates between Earth and his hellish home for good.

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