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he story fans thought they would never see! This all-new emotional rollercoaster stars fan-favorites Max and Chloe, and picks up after the critically-acclaimed game! Torn between universes, can a splintered Max reckon with the sins of Arcadia past… and is there any future for Max and Chloe when time itself is against them? Written by Emma Vieceli, with art by Claudia Leonardi! Life is Strange #1 is available in comic shops on November 14, 2018, and also on digital devices. Issue #1 comes with 5 covers to collect, plus an exclusive Forbidden Planet variant:




Product Title: Life is Strange: Partners in Time


Issue/Volume Number: 1


Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: Ongoing


Frequency of Publication (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, etc.): Monthly


Intended Audience (All Ages, Mature Themes, Adult): Mature Themes


Genre (Superhero, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Western, etc.): Gaming / Drama / Supernatural


Format (dimensions, pg count, FC/B&W/PC, SC/HC): 170 x 258mm / 32pp / FC / SC Comic


Retail Price: $3.99


Diamond Discount:


Printer: Senatobia LSC


Country of Printing: US


Ship Date/Month: April 15, 2020


UPC Code:

Cover A: 7 93611 73564 4 00111

Cover B: 7 93611 73564 4 00121

Cover C: 7 93611 73564 4 00131

Cover D: 7 93611 73564 4 00141

Cover E: 7 93611 73564 4 00151





Author(s): Emma Vieceli

Artist(s): Claudia Leonardi, Andrea Izzo

Cover Artist(s): Ilya Kuvshinov (CVR A), Sarah Graley (CVR B), T-Shirt (CVR C), Cover A B&W Variant (CVR D) Ilya Kuvshinov B&W Variant (CVR E)



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The adventures of Max, Chloe, and Rachel, from the hit game Life is Strange, continue into a new era!

Time-rewinding photographer Max has spent the last couple of years in a reality parallel to her own.

Lately, she realised she was running from her responsibilities… and from the Chloe she left.


Now… there may be a way for her to get home.

With the universe against her, it’s time for the coast-to-coast road trip of multiple lifetimes to find it  – following the band The High Seas towards an uncertain destiny!




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This is a featured item (contracted, comic) in February 2020 Previews.


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