LEAP M preview

LEAP M (Digital Release)
Writer Name(s): Doug Wood
Artist Name(s): Matt Battaglia (Pencils, inks, and colors) and Lettersquids (Letters)
Cover Artist Name(s): Matt Battaglia

In the future, to eliminate the overcrowding prison population, The US Government has created the Leap Machine, which ages a convict to their age of sentencing within an hour. A young dishonorably discharged veteran is framed for a crime and sentenced to the Leap. Now with the clock running out, he seeks revenge on the person who stole his life.

A tight revenge thriller in the vein of Frank Miller’s Sin City with the sci-fi revenge-edge of Rian Johnson’s Looper.

Up-and-coming writer Doug Wood, artist Matt Battaglia (colorist on Micheal Moreci’s Roche Limit), letterer Justin “Lettersquids”, and editor Nicole D’Andria team to bring to life a brutal story of revenge and time stolen.

28 pgs./M/FC        $2.99

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