LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS #19 It’s a Blast from the Past!

League of Champions #19 will be a super-sized 52-page comic book that picks up right where issue #18 left off, with Giant, Icestar, and Jay-Na trapped 12 years in the past, with no obvious way to get back home. How can they manage to to find their way back without disrupting the very fabric of time itself? Find out in this brand-new blast from the past, featuring the real story of FLARE’s first encounter with the fabulous FLYING FOX, by Dennis Mallonee and Henry Martinez.

Also in this issue, secrets of the origin of the BLACK ROD OF FAERIE are revealed! And the fun-loving FANTASTIC GIRL finally gets around to introducing herself to the League!

Here’s news! Henry Martinez has completed the artwork for all 44 pages of story that will appear in League of Champions #19. Take a look!



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