Larian Studios has released Divinity II: Origins of Sin – Godwoken through their own web site.

A new 300+ page graphic novel is available, which delves into the origins of the six main playable characters from Divinity II – Ifan, Sebille, Lohse, Fane, Red Prince, and Beast.
From the Larian web site:
“Rivellon is coming to the world of graphic novels! Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Godwoken is the accumulated history of the six godwoken of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Who were they before their trails with the Divine Order, or before travelling to the Hall of Echoes? Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone has an origin story.
Explore the events leading up to the start of Divinity: Original Sin 2, from the perspective of all 6 Godwoken heroes of our tale.
This 300+ page full-colour graphic novel will take you on a journey through never-before seen areas of Rivellon. Ever wondered what Fane looked like in the flesh? Curious about Red Prince’s life as the crown jewel of the Forgotten City? Journey with Ifan as the Divine’s right-hand man, and explore the lives of Sebille, Beast, and Lohse up to the moment of the ill-fated Kraken attack that starts the epic tale that is Divinity:Original Sin 2.”
A collector’s edition and regular edition are available. The collector’s edition is a numbered hardcover with extra pages, including exclusive art.
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