Hey Fans and Friends,

We knew this day might come, but it is sad nonetheless. We are writing to let you know we are canceling our event scheduled for December 11-13, 2020, and are rescheduling to September 24-26, 2021 – one year from our original 2020 date.

Last week on Oct. 7, Gov. Newsom finally gave an update on reopening plans for theme parks, which most people thought would precede event and convention guidelines. In his announcement, the Governor said he had decided NOT to provide reopening guidelines yet for theme parks, and by extension, events. Without guidelines, there is no way for LA County, the City, or event organizers like us to know if the plans and changes we made to be safe will be right, or enough. So with that new direction from the State, we are rescheduling.

A big THANK YOU to our fans for supporting us through all this uncertainty.

As we look to 2021 with hope, our prayers are extended to the doctors and early responders on the frontlines, the doctors and researchers working on effective therapies and vaccines, the teachers, Moms and Dads trying to help their kids’ studies stay on track, and the businesses large and small working to adapt what they do to survive and thrive despite the pandemic. We look to 2021 with empathy for all, knowing we are all struggling – the sick and the healthy, those who have lost loved ones, the employed, the under-employed and the newly unemployed. May we all have each other’s backs, and work today for a better tomorrow.

Additionally, for the fans who bought the Hot Topic show exclusive POP featuring Kevin Smith, you will get an e-mail this week giving you three options to receive it – 1) pick it up at our warehouse in NoHo, 2) have it shipped to you at cost, or 3) pick it up at the show in September 2021.

Those POPs are still available for anyone who wants them, click here

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