KUTE Crew to Set Sail on Webtoon

Launching August 4th, KUTE Crew Tells the Tale of the Koala Underwater Tactical Elite
The KUTE Crew‘s weekly adventures will run every Tuesday at 9 AM PT, with digital comics available on Gumroad every time a 10-page chapter completes (about once a month) and self-published minicomics available shortly thereafter.
The sensational seafaring marsupials aboard the Tangerine Marine are the sole safeguard between the wild warring waters of the ocean and the rest of the animal kingdom on an Earth where humans never existed.
The creators are Nils-Petter Norlin (artist) and Nick Marino (writer and letterer). They previously collaborated on The Evil Life, another Webtoon release. Their collaboration extends back nearly a decade, with KUTE Crew secretly in the works since 2016.
Webtoon users can subscribe to KUTE Crew now and make sure they’re on board before the ship leaves port on August 4, 2020. With a cast of outrageous characters, strange settings, sci-fi twists, and underwater action, every reader is sure to find something they’ll love in this comic.

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