Knights of the Dinner Table #188

One of the longest running independent comic book series of all time, this role-playing themed series flies under the radar of most comic fans as most of its sales come from game stores. The series is centered on five players (B.A., Dave, Bob, Sarah, and Brian) usually playing a Dungeons & Dragons type game called Hackmaster and the gaming community that they are a part of.

While the idea of a comic based around gamers sitting around a table playing a game does not seem like an enjoyable read, the comics longevity speaks well of its creative abilities. The twenty-two pages of story is a mixture of long running storylines, shorter self-contained stories and single panel gags. The humor comes almost entirely from word play and the characters getting themselves into increasingly absurd situations.

The characters are surprisingly well rounded and developed, despite the crudely unusual art style. Each character has his or her own personality, gaming style and social abilities and you will quickly find your favorite among the group. Even the supporting cast is well established and longtime readers can name of a long list of favorites including Nitro, Weird Pete and Crutch.

In addition to the 22 pages of comics there are also 42 pages of gaming articles covering product reviews, debate columns and role-playing add-ons. That’s quite the amount of content for your six dollars. If you have not tried this cult comic then I highly recommend that you do, you may discover a gem that the fiercely loyal fan base has known about since 1990.

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