A cyberpunk action-packed frenzy through Neo Tokyo!
From award-winning comic writer Dave Cook, with art by
Clark Bint and Craig Paton!
On sale September 24, 2024
Cover: Craig Paton
“I’m very excited to be compiling the Killtopia collected edition with Titan Comics. Together, we’ll be bringing the comic’s wild cyberpunk world to an even bigger audience, while giving our longtime readers a new, definitive version of our complete story – complete with remastered pages and plenty of bonus content.

This has been a huge passion project for me and the rest of Team Killtopia, so it’s mind-blowing to be working with Titan to let even more people discover our hard work. The world of Neo Tokyo was lovingly crafted and influenced by the things we love most, from the bounty hunter mayhem of Cowboy Bebop, the dark sci-fi manga stylings of Akira, and the finest action video games Japan has to offer.

We can’t wait for you all to check out Killtopia and meet our wonderful cast of misfits, bounty hunters, hackers, Yakuza crime lords and high-tech low lifes.”
Dave Cook, author of Killtopia

Writer: Dave Cook
Artists: Clark Bint and Craig Paton
Publisher: Titan Comics
HC, 288 pages, FC, $29.99
ISBN: 9781787744189
On Sale: September 24, 2024

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