Kickstarter SuperHeroes #2

Kickstarter has been at the heart of the modern indie comics revolution. The ability the platform  gives creators to sell directly to readers has given birth to an incredibly diverse new market for the comics medium.

Take a look at what is happening in the Kickstarter Comics Universe this week…

Ending soon:

RB White – Comic book covers
Comic book with variant cover illustrations , pencils and commissions

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Just Launched:

Junkyard Joe #1 and Subject Alpha #1

The next two Thunderzone titles are here! The titan of trash Junyard Joe plus the enigmatic Subject Alpha!!

JUNKYARD JOE – is the story of single Dad, Joe Jenkins, a hard working junkyard owner. His daughter Allie is a nine year old girl with a fascination for comics and pop culture. She has plans to attend the local comic convention but what happens when the psychopathic Cosplay Killer comes to town? This book also contains an 8 page preview of Thunderzone’s upcoming series Trials of Vulcan.

SUBJECT ALPHA – With a past shrouded in mystery, Chi-Town’s hero at large comes across an equally enigmatic foe. It’s a mega-powered throwdown with innocent bystanders and Chicago’s finest caught in the middle and what does the mysterious Madame X have to do with any of this? Get ready for some action!

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Public Domain Team-Up #1

The New Anthology Series Starring the Greatest Heroes and Heroines of the Golden Age of Comics! From my own little publishing house comes a super-hero double feature by writer Michael Norwitz and artists Scott Mclung, Julian Taveras, Joe Desantos and Andrea Blanco! Starring Les Femmes Fantistique and Shaman & Flame!

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Live Now:

Collected stories from the world of Kerra Prime featuring work by over 25 different creative people.

Kerra Prime is a crafted world designed for connected story telling in the world of independent publishing. Kerra Prime was created to allow independent creators a place to create stories that are part of some much larger and allow for crossover story telling. Kerra Prime was created to supply indie creators a place to showcase crossovers that people never thought was possible; a world that is designs to allow one time cross overs or long term story lines. To back this project go to:

Standard Comics Backers Handbook

A DC Who’s Who/Marvel Handbook style comic featuring your original characters! Have you ever wanted to have your character featured in a comic book? Imagine your character drawn by a professional artist and featured on the cover and interior of a comic book. Backing the project nets you a colorful digital drawing of your character (hero or villain, it’s up to you), an entry page, and copies of the Handbook!! Plus a wonderful digital wallpaper of the Fish Lee wraparound cover featuring all the characters in the book!  To back this project go to: 

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Killeroo: Semper Fidelis

When American soldiers are tasked with re-establishing contact with a black site nestled deep in the heart of the Kakadu National Park in Australia, soldier and outback myth will face off in the ultimate game of cat and mouse. The bodies will mount, loyalties will be tested and no one will come out of the bush unscathed. From Oz Comics.

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SAVAGE SASQUANAUT 1-5: Bigfoot’s lost in space and LOVING it

Bigfoot is lost in space carjacking star ships, arm wrestling aliens, and bending the cosmos to his will, searching for his way home! From Cosmic Roots Studio.

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Just Funded:

Monster Mash-Up II

The crossover event using characters from literature, legend and popular lore is BACK with a Volume TWO! Classic Monster Mash-Ups featuring heroes, villains and of course Monsters! From Grit City Comics. With 127 pages, 21 separate stories from 41 creators! Brought to life with the help of 178 backers!

Crusade of Dracula #1-2

In this alternate history/horror book from Heresy Studios LLC, Dracula, Irish revolutionaries and the narrator of the Arabian Nights (Scheherazade) conspire to destroy the Ottoman Empire in the WWI era! Brought to life with the help of 166 backers!

Caspian Porter #1

A space delivery man and his service robot find themselves in constant trouble, in this new science fiction, action and adventure series from Snowy Works. Brought to life with the help of 82 backers!

G-Man Comics Returns!

The Agent is the story of FBI Agent Simon N. Kirby and the world of G-Man Comics, a new and exciting superhero universe with a classic comics feel. From 1st Comics News head, the G-Man himself, Rik Offenberger.

Brought to life with the help of 118 backers!

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