Kickstarter Special Promo for … Earth Alliance Volume 1

Earth Alliance #3 Cover
Earth Alliance #3 Cover

I have spoken about Raymond Fields’ Earth Alliance comic before and while they are available in single issues Raymond has launched a Kickstarter to release them as Earth Alliance : The Elirium War Volume One Graphic Novel.

“The year is 2190. The human race is thriving, but only after it looked to the stars in search of a replacement for earths depleted fossil fuels. Humans found an energy source , a mineral called elirium, in a distant star system. While mining elirium, mankind made first contact with the Khutarri, a humanoid alien race who also depend on elirium to survive. Both species staked claim to planets that house this indispensable mineral, which has kept them on the brink of intergalactic war for a decade. Neither humans nor the Khutarri want the fight to extend to their home worlds, but each will do whatever it takes to avoid extinction. In the future, elirium is power. elirium means survival”

Nice reward levels with print copies of the original comics available and a pledge of $25 gets you a print copy of the collection. But if you hurry there is an early bird special! For a limited time you can get the entire 104 page graphic novel for just $20.

Check it out at

Title: Earth Alliance | Publisher: Future Earth Entertainment
Writer: Raymond C. Fields | Artists: Marc Olivent & Rachel N. Ward
Price: $25 for a print copy

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