KICKING IT: The Age of Ozma

Whether it’s due to time, budget, or story constraints, long-running series are a rarity in the indy comic world. Readers are so used to seeing single-digit numbers beside their favorite titles, that anything higher can elicit a powerful reaction. 

10 Issue series? Spectacular!

15 Issue series? Phenomenal!

Well, how about a 27 book series (not counting 2 spin-off books set within the world) all created in the comfort of a person’s living room?

That might sound outrageous, but that’s the reality for Tom Hutchinson and the rest of the team at Big Dog Ink, who are currently crowdfunding the latest issue of The Legend of Oz, their Wild-West take on Frank L. Baum’s classic saga.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom and chat about the origins of this series, the rapid success they have experienced, and what it’s like creating such an expansive story.

Braedan: “Would you mind giving me a walk-through of how you came up with this new twist on a classic story and what it means to you?”

Tom: “Basically it was a perfect storm of images, solitary travel, and terms blending together as I traveled for comic cons about ten years ago. Seeing the cactus, the desert, etc. of Arizona and New Mexico twisted the Wild West into the Witch of the Wild West, then to the wicked west and away I went continuing to develop the potential characters and world they would inhabit. It went on to be our best-selling book and celebrates its ten-year anniversary in 2021.

I’ve since been invited to Oz conventions every year and the fan base continues to grow every time we meet new people.”

Braedan: “Congrats on the 10 year anniversary! So what is the Age of Ozma? And how many issues of Legend of Oz have there been?”

Tom: “It’s the continuation of the story. The current story arc.

The age of Ozma is Ozma’s return to tackle the nome king who has also recently been released from hundreds of years of imprisonment.

This will be a 5 issue arc completed in three Kickstarters. The second is live now but you can catch up easily and get anything you may have missed. Then we will finish it in October.”

Braedan: “You’ve got an output that, frankly, most creators would kill for haha. Has it been a challenge to keep an Indy book running this long?”

Tom: “Not really which sounds arrogant but it’s the truth. When you have a concept people rally towards they want more. So as long as you have artists to take the reins and stick with it which we have it becomes fairly easy. I have two other series that have 25 plus issues done as well.”

Braedan: “You’re a true inspiration for the rest of us, Tom. Is there anything else you would like readers to know about this series?”

Tom: “It’s a series for everyone. Whether you know Oz or not you will be able to fall into the world and run with this new twist on the original theme. Magic, westerns, steampunk, fantasy. It’s all in here.”

Braedan: “Are readers able to pick up previous issues of the series anywhere to get the complete story so far?”

Tom: “Yes, everything previous is available on the campaign or just going to the Big Dog Ink website for more immediate purchases.”

If you’re interested in a new take on a classic story that just so happens to be one of the longest-running indy comics around, The Legend of Oz is the book for you!

Find out more by clicking the link below to learn more about the epic saga Tom Hutchinson and his team have spent more than a decade crafting.

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