What’s that howling in the distance? Somewhere lurking between Arkansas and Kansas…a guttural call of a creature long thought mythical…calling out from deep within the…trailer park? Comic creators Kelly Williams and CW Cooke are pleased to chronicle the exploits of Nasquatch, a comic series to be published by Starburns Industries Press!

Nasquatch is the story of Nas and Denny, two disparate souls brought together by racing, cars, and a love of the outdoors. Also, Nas is a sasquatch who is an unbelievable driver and Denny lives in a trailer park and just wants a better life.

Trevor Richardson of SBI Press said, “This book is the exact kind of fun we’re looking to have in 2019 – mashing up genres in unexpected and hilarious ways with creators we hope will keep coming back to goof off in our playground. I’ve been hunting Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest for years and these guys found him in a Camaro with an AR-KANSAS license plate.”

The idea of Nasquatch was won by Kelly Williams in an arm wrestling match against a chupacabra. Kelly decimated the 3 ft 4 inch malnourished cryptid and then approached CW to assist in telling this tale. A tale so wonderfully insane it would take 10 people to tell, but they decided to settle on doing the best they could between themselves so they didn’t have to split the money 10 ways! What about the chupacabra, you ask? Fine, he’s writing it, but we’re keeping him locked in a closet and taking all of the credit, okay?

CW Cooke, a human/bear/sasquatch hybrid who yearned to tell the tale of his brethren in comic book form, had this to say after months of fist fights, drinking, and plotting of ideas, “Nasquatch is going to be unbelievably weird and fun. It stars a sasquatch who drives a car, for crying out loud.”

“I like sasquatches,” Kelly Williams said, “and I guess comics too. You’re welcome.”

Nasquatch will be a digital-first comic book series launching in 2019, first appearing in the pages of the Starburns Presents Free Comic Book Day issue from SBI Press and going from there digitally and eventually seeing print in trade paperback format.

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