Kalman Andrasofszky and Blake Northcott talk about Agents of P.A.C.T.

kalman-andrasofszkyFleur De Lys gets her own team in the expanding Chapterverse. A team described as The X-Files meets Velvet meets Birds of Prey, in Canada. Kalman Andrasofszky and Blake Northcott were nice enough to stop by First Comics News and catch our readers up on Agents of P.A.C.T.

First Comics News: What does the acronym P.A.C.T. stand for?

Kalman & Blake: Paranormal Activity Containment Team

1st: The comic is described as the X-Files meets Velvet meets Birds of Prey, in Canada. What types of threats do the Agents of P.A.C.T. face?

blake-northcottKalman & Blake: PACT was originally formed back in the 70s to investigate the unknown, which back then was primarily (seemingly) supernatural occurrences, and (seemingly) extraterrestrial incursions, but got mothballed in the 80s. More recently PACT is reinstated under Manon DesChamps to investigate the new face of the paranormal- the superbeing.

1st: Which characters from the Equilibrium join DesChamps in P.A.C.T.?

Kalman & Blake: I think the cover spoils this: Redcoat and Kebec.

agents-of-pact-1-cvr-a-anwar1st: Which characters from the Aurora Dawn join DesChamps in P.A.C.T.?

Kalman & Blake: That’s Marla Ritchie (from the pages of Captain Canuck & Northguard) there in the white hood.

1st: Who else is a member of the team?

Kalman & Blake: That’s something you’ll have to read the series to find out.

1st: How does Manon DesChamps absence affect the ongoing Northguard series?

Kalman & Blake: Manon isn’t absent at all, she is the director of PACT. Northguard/Phil Wise is also an Agent of PACT, and appears in the PACT series.

1st: Captain Canuck is AWOL, his series is on hiatus?

agents-of-pact-1-cvr-b-blank-sketch-5-copy-incvKalman & Blake: I can’t answer this, unfortunately, as it may spoil aspects of the forthcoming Captain Canuck #11 (out in early December).

1st: How does Fleurs de Conflit relate to the Captain Canuck series and the Chapterverse at large?

Kalman & Blake: In so many ways! One example is that we get to see a new villain in action for the first time, who is a big enough threat to affect the entire Chapterverse.

1st: What makes Agents of P.A.C.T. so cool no comic fan should miss it?

Kalman: Rather than being a straight reboot of an existing property, Agents of PACT is the first Chapterhouse series to grow organically out of the stories, characters, and mythology we’ve been building. Of course, many of the pieces are reboots, but the way they integrate in this series is new and original, as is the character at the forefront of the book, Marla Ritchie.

fleurxBlake: The best reason I can give is that there is nothing else like it. If you’re a Canadian, you’re going to love the references and the distinct feel to the book – and if you’re not a Canadian, I think you’re going to have a lot of fun exploring a world that has a unique flavor that’s unlike other books on the shelf.

I know Americans threaten to move here every four years if their candidate doesn’t win the election, but after reading Agents of PACT, I think they’re going to want to move here just because of how awesome it is north of the border.

Agents of PACT is available to order from your local comic shop now and releases January 25th, 2017!
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