JUSTA LOTTA TOYS – FINALLY! Catwoman Comes To Figures Toy Company Batman ’66 Line!


Promo images for FTC’s upcoming Catwoman figures, probably the most wanted character in the Batman ’66 line, are revealed.

The wait is almost over. Figures Toy Company has released promo images of the Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt Catwoman retro-style figures. I have been collecting these 1/9th scale figures in the Batman ’66 line since they first started coming out. The one character that I wanted the most was always the Julie Newmar Catwoman. As many of you already know I’m a huge fan and have cosplayed as her more than a few times.


The figures will be fully articulated and have cloth costumes. This upcoming wave will also contain Alfred as Batman and Alfred Cousin Egbert figures. No release date has been announced for these figures. But I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

In the meantime you Catwoman fans can pick up these other versions of Batman’s feline foe available now from FTC.


Batman Retro Action Figures Series 5: Catwoman



Batman Retro 8 Inch Series 2 Action Figure Catwoman


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