JUSTA LOTTA HORROR: You HAVE To See This! The Puppet Master: Axis Termination Trailer Is Up!


Full Moon Entertainment dropped the new trailer for the upcoming Puppet Master: Axis Termination! This new movie is the final chapter in the “Axis Saga.”

Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Jester, Six Shooter, and Leech Woman are back! The storyline that began in Puppet Master: Axis of Evil and continued through Puppet Master X: Axis Risingcomes to a close with Puppet Master: Axis Termination.

In this final chapter of the Puppet Master “Axis Saga” everyone’s favorite pint-sized puppet anti-heroes join forces with a secret team of psychics working as Allied Operatives. Teaming up with Toulon’s bloodthirsty marionettes, these unlikely allies face off against a new pack of evil Nazis and their even more malevolent Axis Puppets in a showdown that will decide the future of the free world!

Now let’s watch the trailer:

Very cool! Puppet Master: Axis Termination will be released via Full Moon’s Amazon Channel, Full Moon Streaming and on Blu-ray and DVD later this year. If you have not checked out the Full Moon website, take a look. They have some awesome collectibles over there that you are going to want to add to your collection!

Now, are you as excited about Puppet Master: Axis Termination as I am? Which is your favourite of Toulon’s puppets?

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