JUST MY OPINION: Adventureman #5

Okay, this is pretty much a prozine, more pro than the big professionals in many ways, with its arc of arcs and its planned trilogy of gorgeous bigger-than-life hard-covers. But in other ways, it is, like our efforts at G-Man Comics, an independent creator-driven zine, just at the other end of the size spectrum from us, huge where we still brag about being a micro-publisher (the World’s Finest in our braggadocio).
However you look at it, this is a great comic, part of an even greater saga. If you haven’t already, buy the volume 1 hardcover, or if you can’t bring yourself to buy that pig in a poke, read issues 1–4. After either issue one or the quartet you’re likely to want the hardcover, but, sure, dip your toes in, if you wish. Just read this.
You will want to hit the ground running with this issue, no.5. The story really relies on all that went before. The story-telling is rich, layered, and non-linear. Start at the beginning and follow along as the threads are woven.
This is how our art form is done, to my way of thinking.
Uh, yeah. I like it. Recommended.

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