Hey Podcast fans, I was a guest on JUST JOSHING and we had so much fun it got broken into two parts. Check out episodes: 187 and 188 of this riveting and engaging conversation. Whats that you say? You don’t know the mad scientist behind it all? Allow me to introduce him…

I first met him when we both were guests on the SPILLING INK podcast co-hosted by FirstComicsNews reporter KATIE SALIDAS.

Joshua Pantalleresco is a writer, poet and podcaster.  His first trilogy, The Watcher Saga – comprising the Watcher, Stormdancer, and the Wandering God – has been published by Mirror World Publishing.  His podcast Just Joshing airs twice a week, and is shortlisted as a 2018 Aurora Award finalist.  He’s still not cool enough for air miles or netflix, and when he’s not writing or podcasting he reads comics, goes to concerts, travels and accidentally invents board games.  He lives in Calgary.

Webpage: https://jpantalleresco.wordpress.com

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