JUST JOSHING: The Blonde Assassin

Sometimes you just want to read about sexy killers. I mean, there’s something fun and nasty about a femme fatale who dishes out vengeance. That’s exactly what this book is.


The Book

The Blonde Assassin

Created and Written by Ben Tinsley

Illustrated by Jason Dube

Colors by Kristoffer Condes

Published by Scattered Comics

The Blonde Assassin begins with Surrender. Surrender is codenamed the Blonde Assassin by the CIA. Her mission at the start of the series is to get revenge for her sister’s death. Right off the bat, she gets her chance for revenge. The comic opens with a beautiful line from an Emily Dickinson poem and from there gets brutal, fast. Surrender uses her ravishing looks to distract, and kill as she approaches her targets. She knows exactly what she’s doing and feels like what she’s doing is right. Anything to avenge her sister.

Sun Tzu and Harry Houdini in her head juxtapose the actions she takes in the pages of the book. I promise you, you will never look at the song “Frere Jacques” the same ever again. She is efficient, beautiful, and absolutely deadly. This feels like a slaughter, until the end when her target mentions the ambassador. Revenge is only part of what Surrender is after. She and her associates must protect the ambassador from foreign interests, which turn out to have some supernatural tendencies.

As wild and crazy and action filled as issue one is, it pales to issue two. Issue two introduces the supernatural elements to the story as Surrender and company are teleported away by a supernatural cult that is connected to a werewolf. Once they finally escape the action, The Wolf God they fought has its origin story told. This review cannot describe the journey with justice. It’s psychedelic, wild, and imaginative. At the end of the issue, Surrender goes through another transformation.

Ben Tinsley has a wild imagination. He puts everything he can imagine into each issue. There’s a mad genius to his writing, and it’s purely his.

Jason Dube’s illustrations are perfect for this book, as the book goes down a lot of different scenes and planes. He makes Surrender sexy and has no problem doing an action scene. Credit to the colorist for keeping the tone of the book perfect.

All in all, I preferred issue one, as the pacing in issue two, is a little more chaotic, but both books are a solid start to an incredibly wild ride. If you like spies, killing, and the supernatural, this book is an amazing combination. I cannot recommend it enough. And if you are so inclined and like what you hear so far, you can check out the Kickstarter right now as issue three is getting ready to be released. Give it a look. It’s worth the price of admission.


The Business

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