I have to admit, I’ve never been into the weed movement.  I used to be a real prick about it if I’m being honest. I just never really got it. I’ve never done it and I don’t think I ever will. In my more mature years, (mature might be stretching it. I am middle-aged and crazy,) I have mellowed out on pretty much anything. Sometimes you have to live and let live and let bud give people superpowers.

Yes, this comic is all about the Super Bud.


The Book

Super Bud

Written By Mike Dean and Tim Radecki

Illustrations by Tim Lattie

Colors Giulio Batawp Rincione, Marco Gerratana

Publisher: Kickstarter


Danny is a stoner down on his luck.  His girlfriend just broke up with him and he is down on his luck.  Rob, his buddy working at the comic shop and brownie baker enthusiast, wants his friend to move on with his life.  Danny for his part can’t get over his broken heart. Trying to reconcile with Stacy falls apart, he goes and meets his dealer who introduces him to the most potent weed he’s ever had.  It turns out, this is actually quite true. This weed is manufactured in a lab, and it has a variety of side effects.  But now it’s escaped into the world and has found its way into the hands of Danny, Rob, and a more nefarious individual named Anton.

I wish I could say more about the first issue, but those are the important story beats in a nutshell. There are some funny character moments, but I really feel if they were to do issue one again, they’d combine it more with issue two, because issue two is pretty sweet.

The bud has gone to various people, and the impact is starting to be seen.  Anton’s gang immediately starts developing superpowers.  Danny starts the issue dreaming of saving Stacy from a prototypical villain.  He gets hit by a car, and in that moment he has been transformed forever. Danny does what everyone would do in a situation like this, share this info with his best friend.  Unfortunately for the crew, Rob had used the super bud in his special brownies and he comes home to find his little brother had eaten them, showing that there are some not so good consequences here.

Issue two, in my opinion, should be issue one. It moves the narrative so much better. The thing has happened and now everything is coming into a crescendo of chaos and it is grand and glorious.

Pacing aside, the books are quite fun. The premise is fun, and there are lots of little in-jokes I appreciated. Everything from the commentary of Archie and Veronica in the comic shop, to Stacy’s dad being a prick. There are things about this that are quite endearing and give you a riff on familiar tropes.  There are homages to Spider-man and Invincible in the book and I dig that vibe.  Dean and Radecki have a fun concept here.  I’m curious to see what they do with issue three.

They have a gifted illustrator in Tim Lattie who definitely could draw any book for the big two.  His pencils fit the mood of the story, and he has no problems drawing comic book stores or action scenes.  Credit to both colorists for adding depth to the issues they worked on.  All in all, this is a fun series.


The Business

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Wow.  No wonder I’m so tired. I’m not sure what I’m reviewing next week yet. That said, whatever it is, it will be awesome.  Stay inspired and keep chasing joy out there until then alright?

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