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It’s been a while since I’ve done a column. I’d like to apologize for that. It’s certainly not for the lack of books out there. I’ve been busy. Alice Zero is nominated for an award (see below the column for more details) and I’m very nearly an affiliate on Twitch. In all this, I’ve been neglectful. I’m hoping to keep up more with this now that I’m settled into what I’m doing and I’m going to be doing a variety of cool books.

This week I wanted to focus on something I found adorable. I had the opportunity to read Martha Schwatz’ Seedseekers Graphic Novel, and I thought that it would be a good way to get back in the saddle.

Without further ado:


The Book

Seed Seekers

Created, Written by Martha Schwartz

Illustrated by Betsy Luntao

Published by Martha Schwartz

Starseekers is a comic in the vein of Elfquest. It starts with three friends Geoph a hotheaded knight that leads with her fists, Mar, the brains of the outfit, and Rosaline, an innocent noble, wandering a forest that has been abandoned by the animals. As they examine the forest they note the irregular changes that are occurring in the world.

With their environment in dire straits, they are summoned by the Wizard Epoche and a magical unicorn to travel to our world to rescue a lost heir and save their futures.  Of course, it’s never quite that simple, as Epoche’s rival Chana, a sorceress intent on ruling the world, with her brother are in the way. None of this is anything new. It might be something you see in any adventure story.

Once they arrive, they meet the lost heir, Jarred, who is a musician in our world. They quickly rescue him and bring him back to their world. If I had one complaint about this story, it’s this. I feel Schwartz could have had a little more fun with the fish out of water element the three heroines experienced coming to our world. I feel it moved back to the main world in the story too quickly.

That said everything that happens afterward is quite fun. There is romantic tension in unlikely places, notably Marge and Chana’s brother. They hit it off quite well even on opposite sides of the battle. Also, as time goes on you see a lot more to this story than what it appears to be. It’s fun, a little adorable, but also a solid adventure story. Schwartz did a wonderful job playing with expectations in this story in more ways than one. I like parallel world adventures and great characters, and this is it.

As for the art, it’s really cool to see Betsy Luntao get better by the page. Her style adds to the adventure setting, and she does a good job illustrating the real world and where the story is taking place. This story feels right at home for readers of Elfquest, Michael Moorcock, and others like that. Volume one is an excellent start to many more issues. It’s a solid recommendation from yours truly.


The Business

My book Alice Zero got nominated for an award. It is a nomination for the Elgin Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poet Association. Who knew that my story about Alice and mashing it with Greek myth would be so well like? It truly is an honor to be nominated. On that note, I’m here to announce that the sequel, Alice Won? Which will be written by yours truly and once again illustrated from the great Kenzie Carr will be coming out November 1st. Stay tuned for pre-orders.

Also, my podcast is very close to six hundred episodes. I’m closer to 580 on the audio, but my twitch channel is very close to 600. Not to mention the fact that I’m very close to an affiliate. My show airs live generally at 7 pm EST. I have an amazing array of guests. Come check me out alright?

That said, I’m already working on the next column. I’m really behind on books and I need to make it up. Since I am talking to Stephanie Phillips this week, I feel like I should continue my love of her books with the next review. Stay tuned. It’ll be out next week. I hope you all have been doing well. Stay inspired.

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