JUST JOSHING: Nira X Reborn #3

So back earlier in the year, I pledged to finish the Kickstarter for Nira X Reborn. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Bill Maus, as he’s come on my podcast not only to be interviewed but to draw on it as well. He’s one of the coolest dudes I’ve had on the show, and he gave me a memorable drawing lesson. Since Bill was as cool as his books in the past, I had to support it. I eagerly awaited this issue of the series, and I wasn’t disappointed.


The Book

Nira X Reborn #3

Written and Illustrated by Bill Maus

Colors by Kat Maus

Creative Producer Chet Sams

Publisher: Committed Comics

The final issue of the new Nira series starts right where issue two left off. Nira and her various counterparts from other universes have to stop Thalia the cyberdemon from merging with one of their cyber angel skins, and it has to be stopped at all costs. That’s the whole of the plot in general. It’s not complicated and that’s part of the charm.

The rest of the issue is a bunch of pretty versions of Nira fighting amongst themselves and Thalia, to the inevitable conclusion. I think this part of the story is hilarious. All the different Niras have been thrown together for unknown reasons, and here the book has a lot of fun. Nira as we know her battling with her mirror version EN-X is funny. It allows Maus to define the different Niras as references to stories in the past with Nira’s tattered continuity in a fun way. I dig that. The self-awareness Bill shows here is refreshing and it’s a fun approach to resolving the past.

The story is what it is, a simple plot that deals with Nira’s convoluted history in a fun and entertaining way with a rebirth you might not quite see coming. That’s all I’m going to say about the last page and the story. Now, you’re probably not just reading this issue for the words. Bill Maus draws pretty pictures and this issue is exactly what you expect there.

Bill Maus draws pretty women. Nira has this great combination of sexy and innocence that is just perfect. All of the Nira’s are distinct and beautiful and even Thalia, the demon looks like a hellfire vixen you kind of hate that she’s so pretty. This is a fun cheesecake and should be enjoyed as such.

Kat Maus deserves a lot of credit. The colors in the book set the tone for the story perfectly. Everything from the fiery background and lettering that accompanied Thalia to the colors and presentation of the cyber angels. You know by the colors chosen who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys, and get a sense of the story being told.

All in all, Nira X Reborn is a great start to the next chapter of Nira. There are mysteries to explore, and a sense of a larger story in the background layered in an engaging adventure that is a throwback to simpler times in comics. If you’re looking for that kind of thing, this book is for you. Go check it out.


The Business

I had an amazing couple of weeks. I got to talk to Marissa Meyer on the podcast. That audio will be coming out in about a week’s time or so. Marissa is an amazing person and an excellent writer, and it was cool to be able to do something like this.

On top of that, the podcast is inching towards episode 900, and not too long after that, it will hit episode 1000. I have big plans when the podcast breaks 900. The hundred episodes between 901 to 1000 are going to be a chance to honor the show’s past, and hopefully set up the future when I break that mark. Excited about that.

Two pitches are out there for two graphic novels and I’m working like mad on a show and a novel. I’m a pretty busy guy these days and I’m happy about it. If you are interested in checking out what I do, click this link to go to my webpage and see what’s going on. Or if you want to read a newsletter to go into greater detail, click here.

That will do it for another column. My next column will be my first Marvel book reviewed this year. I don’t do a lot of mainstream stuff. But this book truly is a miracle. I encourage you all to check out the review, and the book.

Stay inspired out there.

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