JUST JOSHING: Nira X Reborn #1

I love books with gravity like Saga or Last week’s column. Sometimes, you want a book that takes itself less seriously.  That’s not to mean there isn’t a great story in there (there is here for sure) but there is something to be said about comics that tend to appreciate what they are. Sometimes you just want sexy cyberangels. There’s nothing wrong with sexy cyberangels. Bill Maus knows who he is and who he isn’t as he relaunches Nira X for committed comics.


The Book

Nira X Reborn #1

Created and Written by Bill Maus

Pin-Ups: Kat Maus

Publisher: Committed Comics

Now before I begin, I need to clearly state that this comic is a reboot. Bill is relaunching this amazing character and this issue runs with the assumption that readers like myself are jumping on for the first time. I think this was the right choice and enjoyed the book for it.

I really dug the first two pages of the book, as it gives away the tone of the book. First off Nira thanks me for buying the book and tells me that Bill owes Nira money. Considering she has cybernetic skin, there may be a hideous beating in his future. That said, it’s a great bit of fun at the beginning, followed by the timeline. When Nira has a history like she has, it’s cool to see it all go into different places it did. Again, it’s a fun way to introduce the character for the first time.

The story begins with Nira with raven hair heading to this current reality, just barely surviving whatever hit her before. She wanders into this era uncertain of what is going on.

The book then retells classic Nira’s origin as we learn how she got the cyberskin, as she goes through the time portal from one earth to the one the story is taking place in now. Nira reunites with Mercy, who informs Allura that Nira is safe. Allura and Mercy are cyberangels just like Nira, and they had arrived in this reality before she did. While this Nira recovers from the trip, Allura discovers that there is a very very evil presence in this place that has her own cybernetic orb. Her own uses of it are far more nefarious. Realizing that it might take all three angels to deal with one of their own, the girls all gather at a pub and discuss plans to deal with this dark presence. Unknown to them, the other Nira happened to be there to listen to their plans and has her own purposes for the orb herself.

All in all, a good start to an adventure.

Bill Maus tells a fun, whimsical yarn. He balances crafting a tale that’s new reader-friendly while also giving long-time fans a taste of what has been missing for a long time. Nira is reborn and this is a new universe and a new story. As far as the art goes, Bill can draw pretty women. He does it so well I’m a little jealous. If you dig books like Fathom you will love the look of it.

This isn’t a book with a lot of gravitas, and if you want that kind of thing, you won’t find it here. That said, what it is, is a great, fun comic. It’s whimsical and embraces what it is with reckless abandon. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and in my opinion, it’s what all comics need to be more of: something to escape into. This is a great book to jump in on. You’ll have a good time. I promise.

Right now, issue 2 of the series is up on Kickstarter. Anyone who backs it will also get this issue as well. You can support the Kickstarter right now here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/committedcomics/nira-x-reborn-issue-2 . Their ultimate goal is to raise enough to get to issue 3 as well. If you like pretty women, fun action, a little light-hearted comedy, and a good time, this is your book. Go back it.


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