Well, it’s definitely been a while. It’s been a busy five weeks. I went to San Diego ComicCon for the first time as a professional, attended a writer’s conference, and have been swamped with assignments and paid work and stuff. Right this minute I feel like I’m doing better than shown, but I’m getting there, and I’m getting back.

Today I do something very overdue. I got a chance to meet Rik Offenberger briefly in San Diego. He’s an incredibly passionate dude and has some amazing books going on his Kickstarter right now. Here’s a look at some of them.


The Book

Lynx #1

Created and Written by Rik Offenberger

Illustrated by Milton Estevan

Colors by Téo Pinheiro

Letters by Eric N Bennett

Script Editor: Chris Squires

Production Editor: Jim Burrows

Publisher: G Man Comics

Lynx is a duo of two characters named Mateo Martinez and Maya Santiago. They form a group known as Lynx, who fight crime in various ways. Issue one begins with the duo beating up clowns. By default, I approve of this. I love the banter Mateo and Maya have with each other.  After a night of pummeling evil clowns, Maya gets an offer to be a part of a transfer involving ancient Egyptian artifacts. One thing leads to another and Maya has to go face to face with an ancient Egyptian mummy. It feels like an old-school superpowered showdown when a clever bit of understanding changes the tide and the story. It’s an engaging first issue.

If I was to describe Lynx, it’s an old-school superhero story in the vein of Red Circle. Which, if you know Rik, was exactly what the issue was going for. Millo Estevan’s pencils feel very much like something you’d read in a superhero book. The colors and tone of the book feel very much all ages, which was the intention of the creative team. Credit to Téo Pinheiro for the direction.

This is a fun book. If you like fun superhero stories in the vein of pulp, this is for you.

Lynx number one doesn’t just offer this main story. It offers a backup as well, as the question of who killed Terror Noir is explored. This is an origin story that begins and ends in a mystery. The opening panel is Terror Noir, dead to a bullet. We flashback to the beginning of the story in which the G-Men are investigating a possible mole. Just when Terror Noir figures out who the mole might be, calamity strikes.

The story then goes to the new kid on the block. Kid Terror joins the G-Men to avenge his dead father. The mystery, and the mole still intact. It’s a solid backup story. This one is illustrated by Joshua 1:9 Holley. The art is younger and something more cartoon-like. It kind of makes the murder darker in a way, as you don’t expect that kind of murder in this kind of story.

Overall, this is a solid piece of world-building. Kid Terror definitely has some plans for the future, and it’ll be curious to see how it all goes.

All in all, Lynx is an old-school pulp crime-fighting series in the spirit of the Red Circle characters.  You can find it and other stories in the G-Men Universe on Kickstarter right now. Take a look after you read this. You’ll have a great time. Promise.


The Business

I was in San Diego, where I met Rik in person, along with a slew of other great creatives. For those that have never been to SDCC, there is virtually nothing I can say that will do the show justice. In the next week, I’ll be reviewing comics from San Diego that I got, and updating my Patreon with interviews from the show.

Two weeks ago my journey continued to When Words Collide in Calgary, a writer’s conference finally back to in-person events. A lot of great things fell out of the event, and I’ll talk about them more in the weeks to come.

But right this minute my podcast is literally at episode 999. This Wednesday, episode 1000 will feature the legendary Keith Giffen. Come on down to watch it on Twitch.

Until then folks, stay inspired. I’ll be back with my first review from San Diego.

Stay inspired out there.

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