JUST JOSHING 50: Heirs Of Isuldur The Perilous Prospects Book 1

Today is a milestone. My 50th column for First Comics. I want to thank Rik for this wonderful platform and opportunity. With that said, I had to think of something special to review, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than the dynamic duo of Steph Cannon and Matt Knowles. These two are amazing talents, and this book is a fun way to celebrate issue 50


The Book

Heirs Of Isuldur The Perilous Prospects Book 1

Created and Written by Steph Cannon and Matt Knowles

Illustrated by Alesandro Ventura

Colors by Bruno Hang

Publisher: Insymmetry Creations

Heirs of Isuldur is a series featuring the adventures of Mykal Isuldur and his associates. At the start of this comic, disaster has struck. Portals have opened all over the land and have caused chaos and calamity throughout the land. Everything is altered, including the characters. That’s immediately apparent when Natasha looks right in the mirror as the event happens. Her hair alters, and other surprises appear throughout the town.

Right after the disaster that happens in the first couple of pages, the issues begin. The professor is struck down by the events at the start of the issue, and his friends are doing what they can to help him. Myke and  In the quest for supplies, nothing goes to plan. The estate the professor lives in is pretty much gone, so Murk and Shiv have to head to the city. From there, as the pages turn into the book,  the situation continues to evolve. Some people seem to welcome the chaos, while others seem to try and gain some kind of control over what’s befalling the time.

In the meantime Remnant and Syndrome, who are still attending to the wounded professor discuss some secrets about the syndrome herself. I won’t spoil those things, but there is a mystical element to the story, and a lot more is going on. Natasha, who I mentioned at the beginning, represents people with their own interest in the events unfolding. Other people seem to be benefiting from this chaos. In future issues, it will be interesting to see where it goes.

All in all, the story is very solid. It’s my first foray into the Heirs saga, so I’m not as attached to some of the characters here as long-time fans would be, but Cannon and Knowles created a solid start to an intriguing disaster story. You got portals, chaos, myths, and legends all in one story. What’s not to love? If there is only one criticism, is that it’s hard for me to develop any real emotional attachment to the characters in this issue. Part of that is because it’s very hard to have a lot of really intimate character moments in the face of this chaos. It has a great event to draw you in, but I’m sure I fully understand why I care, yet. Cannon and Knowles are a solid writing duo, and I’m glad to have finally had the chance to read them.

Ventura and Hang are an amazing artistic duo. Ventura draws beautiful people, and Hang colors add to the chaos and the feel of the disaster. There is carnage, and wonder in these pages, and that is a testament to these two.

This is a good issue. I hope you guys check it out.

But that’s not all…we’re not just reviewing a comic today, but also a metal album. Ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado…


The Album

Heirs of Isuldur vs. Tales of Nocturna

Publisher: Insymmetry Creations

As a cool little bonus, I got to listen to this music while I got the chance to read this book. It is the perfect companion album to the comic, and it just puts the pedal to the metal right away. This album feels like something I’d hear from Dragonforce. The music just hits you a thousand miles a second.

What I like about the album is that it adds to the story of these two worlds clashing. The music is melodic and goes right into telling its tale. The first three tracks are all about the Perilous Prospects. The Perilous Prospects and Shadow’s Haven, the opening track opens with a chorus and barrels right at you when we talk about the Shadow’s Haven, and the current plight it’s in. I love the instrumental settings in this one in particular.

Track two deals with the portals, which reminds me of a video game with the opening, and then it pulls no punches with the lyrics or the instruments. You can feel the disaster with the portals.

You get the idea. The album tells a companion story, and I applaud the company and creative for trying to expand their story musically. This album is an amazing metal masterpiece. It’s short, sweet, and enjoyable to listen to. My favorite track on the whole thing though is their little homage to Ray Bradbury’s Something Sinister This Way Comes. I like the haunting background to the song. It’s not quite Wicked, but the sinister backgrounds are incredible.

All in all, the album rules, and is a great companion piece to the whole book. I cannot recommend it enough. You can buy it on their Bandcamp here.

All in all, I recommend this stuff.

The Business

I am celebrating three milestones at once with this column. First and foremost my podcast has reached 800 episodes. I’m handing this in after the 800th audio drops. I want to thank every guest, listener, and people here that have gone on the show. For this episode, I did a drink and draw with some of my favorite guests. It was an honor to do it.

Second, I’m changing my advertising services. After the success of my first clients, it was advised to me that I should modify my deals. You can check them out here for now.

Finally, this is my 50th column for First Comics News. I want to thank Tim Chizmar for opening this door for me, and Rik Offenberger for the opportunity to come on here and talk comics. Here’s to 50 columns, and hopefully, 50 more.

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