July 31 is Buy Indie Comics Day


Manuel A. Carmona, Phil Buck and Carmelo Chimera founded Buy Indie Comics Day with the sole purpose so independent comic book, zines, mini comics, graphic novels and comics strip creators around the World could synergize on a single day designed exclusively to celebrate their work. It is their hope that all comic book retailers across the Globe will take this as an opportunity to stock up on indie comics, that consumers will take a chance on new titles and creators they’ve probably never heard of and that creators have an event created specifically to showcase their work to a much larger audience than a normal comic book convention ever could.

One of my own personal favorite online resources for purchasing independent comic books is the website IndyPlanet. Today, to celebrate Buy Indie Comics Day, I purchased several great books from IndyPlanet: Big Bang Adventures #9 from Gary Carlson, Dimensioneer Super Special #1 from Dan Reed, N.E.D.O.R. Agents from Will Meugniot and Sleuth Comics #1 from Christopher Mills.

I highly recommend checking out IndyPlanet for hundreds of incredible comic books by genuinely talented creators. And don’t forget to support your local comic shop, either!

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