Journey Into Mexico starring El Fuego 2021 Motion Comic Trailer

It’s 1830 and Mexico experiences a political divide when their first Afro-Mexican president, Vincente Guerrero is assassinated. Another divide opens as demons begin to enter through dimensional doorways and the fate of Mexico is left at the hands of the young Tijax Tabares, who summons the power of the Aztec and Mayan gods in becoming the protector El Fuego! Making his journey through the Mexican countryside, El Fuego faces fearsome mythical creatures while untangling the mystery of Guerrero’s death. He soon learns of a deadly game between the old gods of the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan that will inevitably end in a battle over the future of Mexico.

Written & Created by Alex Grand
Published by Comic Book Historians
Art, Inks, Colors, Covers & Spanish Lettering by Sebastián Guidobono
Translated by Cristóbal Melgarejo and Natalia Gonzalez
English Letters by Novella Locritani
Cover Layout for #4 & TPBs by N. Scott Robinson
Editor in Chief: N. Scott Robinson
Assistant Editor: Gilza Cruz
Book format: Manuel Garfio
Narrator: Poncho Civeira

Trailer produced/animated by Alex Grand

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