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JOSIF 1957 ON SALE JULY 5, 2023
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Get ready for an explosive showdown as the cold war looms in JOSIF 1957 #2. President Eisenhower blasts off into space to confront Josif, the Soviet gorilla astronaut. However, not everything is as it appears, and the question arises – is Josif a Communist pawn, or does he have his own agenda?

Italian superstar Fabiano Ambu’s stunning illustrations continue to astound in this odd-ball crowd pleaser. JOSIF 1957 #2 boasts two regular covers, as well as an incentive cover by Ambu, paying homage to Blade Runner.

In stores this Wednesday, July 5, 2023!

JOSIF 1957 #2 (OF 2)

Diamond ID
MAR231364 / MAR231365 / MAR231366
Lunar Product Codes
0323CX288 / 0323CX289 / 0323CX290
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Cover A

Cover C
Illustrated by

Cover B

Josif, the first gorilla in space, is wreaking absolute havoc in low orbit, and no one knows how to stop him! U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower knows just what to do — he blasts into space himself to handle the matter! It’s a zero-gravity battle between the United States President and the Soviet Gorilla, at the height of the Cold War!

Featuring a 1 in 10 variant homage to Blade Runner by Italian super-star Fabiano Ambu!

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