Joker: The World – DC’s Hardcover Anthology Takes the Clown Prince of Crime Around the World This September!

Joker: The World – DC’s Hardcover Anthology Takes the Clown Prince of Crime Around the World This September!

Available for Preorder at Participating Booksellers Now

Available for Preorder at Participating Comic Book Shops Friday, April 19

Available Worldwide Tuesday, September 17

This September, The Joker takes his unique brand of madness and mayhem on a world tour, as DC today announced plans to publish Joker: The World, a 184-page hardcover anthology.

Like DC’s bestselling and critically acclaimed Batman: The World, this can’t-miss anthology will feature Joker stories by creative teams representing 13 different countries, including renowned storytellers such as Geoff Johns, Satoshi Miyagawa, David Rubin, German Peralta, Alvaro Fong Varela, Jason Fabok, and others. With stories tailored to the authentic style, tone, and cultural sensibilities of different nations around the world, Joker: The World highlights how DC’s most popular super-villain has inspired chaos on a global scale.

Joker: The World arrives at participating comic book shops, booksellers, and mass-market retailers/e-tailers Tuesday, September 17, and will also release the same day in the following countries: Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Cameroon, Poland, and Argentina.

What does The Joker do when on holiday in Spain? How has he inspired others to follow in his footsteps, creating Joker duplicates in Germany and Turkey? How does a Joker in Cameroon find inspiration? Only the top writers and artists from each country can provide the answers, in unique stories celebrating one of the most compelling characters in pop culture.

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