Join Holly Golightly in Her Magickal Journey

To the Heart of Bliss…
I’m hot in production of my card deck and in the editing stage of my Book!
I’ve been working on this project since 2018…the art and intent is for Healing and self-exploration… to connect with the Mystery of…well just being aware!

If you were a Kickstarter Backer this summer, Thank You again for your support and interest!!

If this project is new to you… please look below… Perhaps the art will tickle your imagination 😉
Much Magick

You may find all the Blissful Goodies Here!

I JUST received the proofs for my card set today!
48 entities for you to meet.

The Bliss book

once you find the Door to Bliss…here’s where you may place that key…

My book is a tool for affirmation and Divination just on it’s own or it can help you learn of the entities you meet in my card deck
I Hope you Join me on this Journey to the Heart of Bliss….

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