Joey Ryan Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against His #SpeakingOut Accusers

Joey Ryan has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against three women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. The accusations were made during the #SpeakingOut movement this summer. According to documents obtained by HeelByNature, Ryan is stating that false accusations made by the women have cost him up to $20,000 a month.

Ryan’s suit asks for the following:

“Award Plaintiff $200,000.00 in economic damages as to each of the defendants or the amount lost by Plaintiff as a result of defendant’s conduct multiplied by the months from June 21, 2020 to the date of the award of economic damages“

“Award Plaintiff $5,000,000.00 as to each of the defendants in non- economic damages.“

The lawsuit is seeking punitive and exemplary damages:

“Award punitive and exemplary damages against defendants and in favor of Plaintiff in the sum of $10,000,000.00 by reason of defendants’, and each of them, malice, hatred, ill-will, despicable and intentional acts.”

He is also seeking to have the women publicly detract their statements.

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