Joe Sinnott Remembered

Like many others, I am deeply saddened to learn of Joe Sinnott’s passing earlier today. Joe was an incredible talent who refined the look of Marvel in their earliest days. I’ll never forget that first issue of the Fantastic Four that Joe inked, suddenly Jack Kirby’s artwork was not only dynamic but pretty.

After I started commissioning artwork I was fortunate enough to actually meet Joe at a convention. I recall that meeting like it was yesterday, Joe was sitting next to Nick Cardy and when Mr. Cardy greeted me, Joe called out my name like I was a long lost friend.

We corresponded throughout the years and I got a few more commissions, more importantly, we began exchanging Christmas Cards.

Much to my delight, the first card was adorned with this sketch which I have never shown before. I was thrilled that Joe would take the time to do this.

I wish I had been able to ask Joe for more commissions, I would have loved to get additional takes by Joe on Justice Society characters and wanted him to ink a Joe Simon, Captain America piece I had bought, I never did because I valued Joe’s goodwill too much to impose upon him for additional art.

My wife and I give out comics on Halloween and in recent years I have bought a bunch of Joe’s dollar Fantastic Four issues thanks to Marvel’s recent marketing ploy of selling Silver and Bronze age books at the introductory price of a dollar. When things are slow I’ll actually talk to some of the kids and tell them why the book is important. I’ve also been able to say “I know·, who worked on this book.” This year sadly I’ll have to say, ” I knew Joe Sinnott.”

I’d like to think Joe would be happy to know that I’m introducing a whole new generation of future comic readers to the one and only “Jolting Joe” Sinnott.

Thanks for the memories, Joe!

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