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Over 13x the funding goal and counting!

We still need more to reach 2.6 million dollars to guarantee BAD IDEA ends their mad reign. Incredible books like ESCAPE FROM WYOMING and ORC ISLAND cannot be allowed to come out.

Enter: Joe Quesada.

Former Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer, former Marvel Editor-in-Chief, member of the MCU Creative Committee, co-creator of Painkiller Jane and Ash, founder of the Marvel Knights and Ultimate Marvel imprints, writer, director, who got his start as a colorist at Valiant is returning to perhaps what he does best — superstar artist.

The fabled hitmaker, who recently announced that he was returning to DC for a series of high profile Batman covers, has lent his immense talents to the STOP BAD IDEA movement by homaging the now-classic, original HERO TRADE cover by David Lapham. To celebrate, we’re issuing a brand-new edition of THE HERO TRADE: HERO FOR SALE — the first story in THE HERO TRADE saga. This edition comes in full color, for the first time, and will feature the incredible cover by Joe Quesada. We give you HERO TRADE 1: THE JOE QUESADA EDITION.

But that’s not all! Participate and secure amazing rewards like:

  • Signatures & sketches by Matt Kindt!
  • BAD IDEA’s first mini comic!
  • The first BAD IDEA treasury-sized edition!
  • A reproduction of the original script to HERO TRADE: HERO FOR SALE!
  • One of just 100 ‘relic’ pieces of the commemorative Quesada-Chrome foil cover!
  • The Joe Quesada cover friggin laser-etched onto a piece of crystal!!

All this PLUS: all the previous favorites like the THE HERO TRADE 2, The Complete HERO TRADE hardcover, standalone editions of your favorite HERO TRADE stories, vinyl toys, and much, much more!

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Cover by Tom Fowler
Interior Art by Jorge Monlongo
Cover by Lewis LaRosa and Matt Hollingsworth
Interior Art by Alberto Ponticelli and Matt Hollingsworth

BAD IDEA is more than just comics sold exclusively in comic book shops, it’s an all-in lifestyle that preaches no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores and the straightforwardness of Not First Printings. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.

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