Imagine the inner workings of a computer as an actual world called the Community. Its inhabitants are the programs that dwell there. Among these is a investigative fix-it type program designed to find and correct corruptions with the Community. Its name is Joe Computer, Private Eye.
In this collection of unique stories, Joe tackles a mysterious program known only as the Sicilian and must stop him from unleashing the Black Virus that could wipe out the Community. Then he to stop a revolution, Joe goes digitally undercover to find the source of the malcontents. In his third outing he deals with the ghosts of human programmers and finally has to save Alice, his kidnapped secretary.
Using iconic Private Eye set pieces, writer Lou Mougin sets the mystery world on its ear with this truly original take on tough-guy mysteries. Argentine artist Fer Calvi provides his unique art styling with both the interior illustrations and cover image. Award winning Art Director Rob Davis puts it all together for this one of a kind adventure. Joe Computer is truly one of a kind and that’s no lie.
Written by Lou Mougin
Art by Fer Calvi
Publication date: January 24, 2022
Print length: 212 pages
Print: $16.99
Digital: $4.99

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