JIM IVEY passed away last night

Sad news. JIM IVEY passed away last nite at age 97. He was the prominent figure in original art/comic book collecting, etc. in Orlando for DECADES. Jim was a successful political cartoonist (and caricature artist). He was the original founder of our beloved OrlandoCon which ran over 20 years. He had the amazing Cartoon Museum for decades where you could find truly amazing treasures. In recent years Jim had been in failing health and was living in an assisted facility. He was well taken care of by his care giver, Joy. For several years Craig Zablo organized get togethers with Jim so his friends, colleagues and fellow artist could spend a couple hours yacking about the good old days. Attached is pic of last such assembly for Jim’s 96th B-Day in 2021. He will be missed but his legend lives on!!

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