Jim Balent Covers for DC Comics, Dynamite & More!

Batman, Red Sonja/Tarzan, BARBARELLA, Tank Girl- these are some of the titles that Jim did Exclusive variant store cover on!

Jet Pack Comics has dedicated a page just for those amazing covers
( They are still tweaking- so there are a few booboos up there. A couple of the jpgs wandered on there that aren’t Jim’s Art).
So Click on over and see the Beautiful Balent art! And Collect a few or ALL if you love em!

Visit the Jim Balent Variant Exclusive Page!

Yup, these are those Super Secret Projects Jim eludes to on Facebook!


Here are a few of the Exclusive Jim Balent Covers You’ll find there

all Goodies on the link above are not BroadSword Goodies- they are from purchased, & shipped Jet Pack- Please asked them any questions you may have about them 🙂

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