After my last post, things are looking up.

I finally accepted that I would not be able to play borderlands 3—at least for now.

The biggest win was accessing my nephew’s Roblox.

With 44 followers, two years worth of game play and his youtube channel based around his gaming, I seriously thought he might die.

I also found Random Dice on the Google Play Store looking for co-op—fortunately apple also has it; and, we can play together.

…had seen ads for RD about three times in other games; was stupid bored and decided to give it a go.

We’ve been enjoying it.

Downloaded HearthStone at the behest of a friend—that’s been mildly entertaining.

…still dabbling in Diablo III because my end game gear is stupid cute:

Though running dailies by yourself is a drag—and, I have no friends.

Of course my nephew discovers after several weeks of playing, you can just hold the buttons to activate powers continuously after I destroyed the “A” and “Right Trigger” on one of the Switch controllers I just bought three weeks ago; and, he’s all but destroyed the original controller joysticks.

Bad internal designs do not hold up to beasts.


Thankfully I had bought a second controller, like, January and that one seems to be well made.

But, we’re bored with the Switch…

…found the Xbox One power cable that has been missing for at least six months.

Of course that’s what I’ve been doing today.

And—of course I’ve gotten use to the Switch controller’s being retarded so now back on the regular, I keep pushing the wrong button.


Played a little Jedi: Fallen Order before noticing Xbox has a promotion going with their Ultimate Gaming Pass at $1 for the first month, then $14.99 after, so I really couldn’t pass it up.

Then immediately downloaded Devil May Cry 5.

I’m a huge fan of the series, Playing 1, 3 and 4—actually broke down and bought a PS3 way back in the day because I had preordered DMC4…

Even watched the anime—it’s on Hulu currently if interested.

But not just that—I’m a huge fan of ARPGs—all the Prince of Persias and God of War 1-3 (Ascension was shit).

Of course the cinematics are longer than the actual fights…

It’s always had cinematics, I know but, not every 5 seconds (I’m only slightly exaggerating) for, like, 20 plus seconds.

And—I can’t stand the chick’s voice.


Also—I hate dodging—and this is a three part process.


Not that I wanted straight up hack-n-slash, either…

I’m, like, ready to uninstall already—which, is sad.

And—back to bored.

Probably should sleep—it is after 4AM and I have things to do today.




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