I’ve been… blah.

Went to SDCC 2016 and stayed… LOFuckingL

But—in doing so, put myself in a serious financial bind—not like I wasn’t already broke before…

Don’t get me wrong—I love it here and I’m glad I decided to do it—it’s just been a little rough.

Wifi blows—downloads take forever and I can’t play Dota 2 with my dudes… Sigh…

No one around here plays Magic and the closest gaming store is a 45 min bus trip.

I just haven’t really been able to do the things I enjoy doing.

Then! Our servers here at FCN got hacked and had to be wiped; and—of course—I didn’t back anything up and lost everything…

Just haven’t felt like writing.

Time to suck it up, Buttercup and get back to work.

Trees Vol. 2 is the perfect motivation—one of my favorite currently running titles.

Jason Howard is amazing…


…no word or sound effect bubbles—yet, I can still hear the “crack” of dude’s jaw open and the flowers sprout out.

His scapes are astounding:


…met him at C2E2 2015 (total FANBOY moment!) and saw him again at C2E2 2016—of course those articles are gone; but, the photos are not : )

…sigh.. just kidding… Thought I had them saved somewhere—but, apparently, those are gone too… Fuck. Sigh…

…soooooooooooooo good…



Trees follows the story of several characters; but, heading into Vol 2. mainly two: the shithead Mayor of New New York and Dr. Creasy. But; one of the other characters from, like, chapter 2 or 3 made it out alive and reappears briefly at the end of Issue 14 so, I’m guessing she’s making a come back : )

Glad she didn’t die.

Thus far, only mentioned the artist; but, Comic Book God, Warren Ellis is the writer/creator—also writing Injection—which, I also love.

Chatted a little bit about this with Jason at con—Ellis worked in Howard’s scape strengths, letting the art tell most of the story; coupled with decent dialog. No overly wordy cheap trick narrative to explain what is going on. It takes a really great writer to pull that off.

The characters, for the most part are well fleshed—so you care about what happens to them. I’d be super upset if Dr. Creasy mets an early demise; and, hope Mr. Douchbag Mayor gets it—but then, wouldn’t be much of a story without some villains, would it? The point is, they inspire an emotional attachment.

The concept is also pretty original—I guess—giant “trees” descended from the heavens, landing at maybe not so random places all over the world; causing chaos and mass destruction.

After ten (10) years of perceived dormancy and human decent into complacency at their bases, black poppies have started to bloom; clearly due to the tree.

Will humanity survive?



That is all.

K. Done—Byee!



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