I’m still a bit RAWR but, much calmer…

Apparently, I’m a stupid bitch; and, my writing isn’t good… XD




I’m a fan of Titan Comics.

Publishing and republishing indie comics from overseas, across many genres and eras.

Book 1 of the Third Testament, written in French, was originally published in 1998 with Book 4 by 2003—and all volumes re-released in English by Titan Comics between 2014 and 2015.

My PDF review copies are from 2015.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of shit comics out there.

I’ve had to learn to accept titles for what they are and see their strengths.

But—I’ve also adopted, for the most part, the advice of Thumper’s mother:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

So, generally, if I don’t like a title I won’t review it wasting my time—fuck, I hate time…


I’m not in love with this book or anything, but it’s good.

Really good.

And—I respect it.

The colors are fabulous.

Paneling is complex.

Dialog is decent.

And—art design is superb.

Soooooooooooooooooo pretty:

You can almost feel the malice.

I also appreciate the level of research:

Plus, the afterward boasts over half a million copies sold worldwide.

I do feel the scenes of the last few pages (not the very last, though)of Book 2 are a bit rushed and I’m a bit confused to order of events and there is a typo—can’t find it at this moment and, one typo in 2 volumes in all that dialog is understandable.

…sooooooooooo pretty…

Book 3 displays a increase of detail and a clear advancement of talent—potentially due to technological advancements of early 2000s…

But, still:

Most impressive.

Ugghhh…. totally been working on this thing for 3 days… sigh…

Updated my I HATE FAIRYLAND review… it’s actually my fav.

Fuck. I’m good.


Back to this.

Except, I should be in bed…

So. Many. Distractions…

9gag is saving my life…

ANNNNND—broccoli cheese soup bread bowls from penara are a gift from heaven.

Just fucking sayin’

…not usually into the whole godly quest thing…

That’s not entirely true…


I liked that one movie on netflix…

AND—Medieval Humanities WAS my favorite college class—Black Death’n’all.

Wrote me paper on it—A-

Didn’t write enough on the humans it used to spread itself.

Very interesting, actually.

Several scientists at LiverPool University published an argument: Black Death was not caused by bubonic plague, a bacteria…

Incubation period differences of 3-4weeks and 3-4days, respectively; a significant evolutionary increase of CCR5 protien—way viruses enter red blood cells—mutation among the populous; these people are immune to HIV but can be carriers—and, lack of key symptoms.

Whatever caused the black death was more likely to be a hemorrhagic filovirus.

By my estimations, this thing swings around every 700ish years or so…

It’s due : )

Europe should be mostly safe—mostly.

Aye. Gal can dream…


Back to this thing… again.


I’m still rawr.

At least I start this printing jobby next week…

Been waitin’ three (3) months.

And, the other job I really want opened and filled.


OH! Got approved for C2E2 so now that’s on my mind…


Breathtaking imagery:

…I’m hungry…

Of course you are, Reggie…


Two breaded chicken sammies later… we wonder why we so faat.

It’s cold.

Winter in Michigan…

I don’t like Elizabeth.

She’s bratty and weak.

I know that’s how men see women, but by Book 3 and all the shit she been through, still actin’ like a bitch.

Zero character growth.

Hey! Thanks, South Park: HONE DESTOYER for letting me know I have free card packs available to open while I’m trying to do this fucking thing.

Next! I’ll have something from SW:GoH letting me know I have bonus energy XD

Not now! Got shit to do.



OMFG. She’s going to get Marburg killed.

Stupid bitch.

Book 4.

Elizabeth throws herself in danger multiple times and gets multiple people hurt or killed trying to protect her.


And, she’s the fucking hero.


But, the story is good.

The art is amazing.

Annnnnnnd… I’m done.




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