Interviewed Eric FUCKING Bischoff.


Such a great conversation.


Le’me get there first.


Haven’t conned since Youmacon 2017, November.

It’s been 3 months…

Not sure if you understand what this means.

Literally, my reason for living—as in, being alive—cause, probably would have killed myself by now; never saw myself past 30.

I’m now 32.

And—having a 1/3 life crisis…

I’m a die old as fuck—just have to get there.

But, seriously—con saves my life.

I need the energy.

And—attention—Well always said I was just a fangirl of meself XD

Plus, my life revolves in 7 month cycles—with a complete melt down every 3.5 months; and, a mini freak out about half that.

I’m a fucking sociopath with 9 fucking personalities—don’t judge—you’d have breakdowns too…

I’m a good person, mostly—but, I’ve chosen to be.

Though, I want you all to burn regularly—you’re welcome for your lives.

I make mistakes.

I’m inconsiderate.


But—I just don’t think about others sometimes.

It’s hard to empathize with humans when I feel so much—and, everything hurts.

I’m not human—because, I don’t want to be—humans are mean; and gross; and ugly.

Not saying I can’t be a cunt…

I mean, I DID just tell 3 friends to fuck off and die…



So, Youmacon… I knew Great Lakes was Feb.

Knew, had 3 months between fixes.

…how to fill my time…

While maintaining a roof over my head and food—means, jobbie—then; some sort of social interaction—because, one of me is an extremely social creature.

I hate money—really is the stupidest thing humans ever created.


So, I got up with Jody and cemented working the MAGIC gaming section with him—big for me—as it will be my forth con worked, I need the experience.

Plus, I learned how to play MAGIC 2 years ago at this very con.

I feel this is an achievement.

And—proud of myself—as long as I can hold it together for 11 more days.

But, this coming weekend is Planet Comicon.



DANNY TREJO—MAAACHETTTTEE—an autograph might save my relationship… XD

But—really—I’m unworthy.

Lisa wants me to get John Cusack to autograph her copy of High Fidelity—is her favorite fucking movie.

And, looking forward to seeing a friend in KC.


Got a gig working at Four Story Burger in Emagine Theater, December, banquet serving holiday parties and made bank.

Also saw Star Wars: the Last Jedi for free 3 times—twice in E-MAX—thousand times better in 3D.

Ships in the first 5 mins looked pretty rad—BUT! Bombs don’t drop in space.

Just sayin’

420 words in an’ need a smoke.

Tryin’ quit.

It’s hard.

I’m obsessive.

Not being able to smoke on property at work is actually helping.

Also—being broke.

I made enough $ to float me through Jan. after they fulfilled reservation obligations, then closed the restaurant—sigh…

So—January in Michigan is cold—I’m from Florida;  spent most of 2017 in San Diego, Ca. 5 winters my entire life…

I’m fucking cold.

And—and cranky—seriously PMSed for 3 fucking weeks…

Went RAWR RAWR and was pissed off by everyone in my immediate circle.

I’m a fucking bitch—at times—and asked everyone to leave me alone.

Told everyone I was rawr—how is it my fucking fault?!?!?


540 words and still no smokey…

I also haven’t moved from this spot.

Nor, am distracted by other things.

Writing saves me life too…

Anyway—met Casey Wheeler of Comics, Beer and Sci-fi at the theater and worked out the trip to KC…

At some point during the month of Unemployment aka January aka constant distractions of StarWars: Galaxy of Heroes, Phone Destroyer and Last Day of Survival to prevent implosion aka mind blowingly sober—mostly—And; 9gag has saved my life—saw a post about Astronomicon and added for the February Hat Trick.

Three weeks leading up to con were hell.

Fought with all my friends—to the point I have to move out.

And—told several to fuck off and die.


Saw a picture of Well on FaceBook posted by a mutual friend—total gut punch—his eyes glitter in perfect lighting; which seems to be always.

Immediately cried for 15 mins.

Now, I can’t get him back out of me head…

Dreamin’ of babies ‘n’ shit…

I’m sure I’ll have a very rude awakening about it being really over at some point sooner than later but I’m currently perfectly complacent in this fool’s paradise for the moment.

I mean, I still feel the fucking ring on my finger.


So, I ask Chad, 1 of 3 hosts, GEEK-A-Pedia. if he wanted to go with me.

A) Needed a ride.

B)I needed him to take photos of this con so I can write this article and he can submit for C2E2 and go with me as contributing press because, I’ve been doing this shit on my own for too fucking long and it’s getting expensive—not just financially, either—my kid’s 13th birthday was the 7th and I’m at a fucking con.

She didn’t talk to me for a week—and, now she’s not talking to me again.



It’s fine.

Everything is fine.

Started the marketing gig week before last…

In the hum of the machines, I’ve had nothing but time to think…

Since turned to Solomon’s Keep, Skyrim and went back to playing Gumballs and Dungeons after a serious hiatus—Wellford introduced me to the game, and it was one of our things…


This is my life rn…

Finally acquired this hidden gumball : )

Thursday, Lance and I went out after work.

This happened:

Deposited my first check in the bank Friday of con on the way home from work.

Of course, they put a 5 day hold on that bitch so I had zero fucking money all weekend… sigh…

It’s fine…

Chad was originally going to come over and crash Friday night but, my household is at arms and there was, like, 8 inches of snow…

Opted to drive over in the AM and would just crash at my place the one night to go Sunday as well.

So, we arrive at Wyndham Gardens, Sterling Heights.

Now, I had already put in a list of interview requests and basically their response was I had to get them myself.

Which—I did.

861 words in without a smoke and now I really do need one before I start this story…

Okay… annnnnd, I’m back.


Ah! Yes.

So—goals for this con:

Interview Eric Bischoff—check—but, we’ll get to that.

Find Motorcity Nightmares at their table—no check—apparently there was some last minute table shuffling and they got booted; though, I guess they were there at some point walking around.

Jason Mewes was a two day before show announcement—and, had this really great idea : )

So—on our Podcast last year, we had this segment called CHAD KOVACH SAYS ‘GO FUCK YOURSELF’ inspired by his telling to Stan Lee—whom totally deserved it.


He wants to tell Kevin Smith to GFY so I’ve, kind of, tried and SDCC 2016 and 2017 to achieve this goal for him…

So, I though, maybe, we could get Jay to call Silent Bob so we could all tell him XD

I’m funny…

It didn’t happen.

Jason showed up at 4:30PM with a line out the door, with his second signing at 7.

We left at 6.

I hate waiting.

…some other time, Kevin—some other time…

We walk in the door to immediately see Source Point Press to the right.

I really like these guys.

Saw a press release about them picking up Chris Callahan’s MISPLACED.

Really pretty art—stellar guy—and, an amazing wife.

Met them at LACC 2016 and again at Wondercon 2017 after he attended my panel—they got total location fucked that con… seriously—whom ever designed the floor plan was clearly not thinking.

Making an entire isle facing the wall between the bathrooms and concession.



Saw another press release regarding SPP and asked dude about it.

Apparently, there is this other group, I think it’s a school—idk, I’m thinking about a million different things—who goes through the submission and editing process of first time comic creators to be published by SPP.

Dig it.

Told him how this marketing firm I’m working at has a printer capable of making a comicbook with a large chunk of time it’s not really being used…

And, that I met this guy at SDCC 2017 in a group trying to get marketing firms to do exactly this.

Saw Bill and Dave, IT in the D second as we went right.

Now, I’m sure they think I’m a piece of shit.

Started a show—literally did one episode—then, I went to SDCC and stayed XD

Fuck. I’m a fuck…


They were cordial—but, we moved on quickly.

Far wall, rounded to the left for Celebs.

Here, found Brian O’halloran.

Now, I’d met Brian at Cherry Capital Comic Con 2016.

So, I had to tell him how the San Diego Downtown News wrote an article about me being a San Diego resident—which, I bounced, like, 3 weeks later XD… sigh…—used our picture.

Wanted to see Kevin Knash and Scott hall—both on left end.

Bill Moseley and Sid Haig—Sid, no show—Bill on right.

Bill looked pissed as hell—Kevin and Scott looked annoyed as fuck.

Never got around to talking to Kevin or Scott—Bill agreed to an interview but on Sunday.

Eric Bischoff was so pleasant.

I told him how pleased I was to meet him and asked for an interview, which he said anytime—he was a bit busy though—so,we walked around a bit more just to see what was there.

Knew Dirk and Dom were in the middle and wasn’t emotionally prepared for that yet and skipped the isle.

And went to have a smoke…

Think I will also go now as I’m over 1600 words in…

Chad bought an Ashy Slashy XD

And—a bad ass Alien queen statue he talked down to $80 from $100.

This other dude was selling one for $250 XD

It is now 10:16PM 2/12/18, Monday after con and I’ve spent several hours writing.

Of course, Edward Pevos of MLIVE has already submitted his article and Astronomicon shared it on Facebook.

I also saw his video got over 400 views while mine sits at just over 100… sigh…

I’m a slacker, I know…

I feel like if I don’t finish this, I won’t—I know myself well…

Bumped into him—actually, stalked him for a moment—after over hearing him say something about Motorcity Nightmares when I couldn’t find them and thought he might be with them.

But, nope—a reporter covering the con.

Now his video is at 1,400… sigh… I am actually glad he’s doing well.

Dressed as 1920’s reporter, Clark Kent—cute.

We’re now connected on Linked IN : )—gave me his “B card”—got that from MOXXI <3

Disfusional Studios

OMFG. So fucking cute <3

Amazing photos of her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Of course, I know this Character from chasing Well’s ass around the moon desert in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, “Bitch! Get in the truck.” Dying XD

Really don’t think I’ll ever laugh like that again, for anyone else.

He once made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breath at a roof top Hotel Pool party, the “life guard” came over to see if I was okay XD



I have a thing for “B Cards…”

You’d be surprised with how awful some of them are.

I usually end up with a million at the end of each con…

It’s like a game to see if I can remember which belongs to whom XD

Super impressed with The Bad Wolf’s Burrow.

Def fav with the pretty, shiny, feely embossed gloss:

Also, love the name!

Alessandra Johnson is local Michigan Artist, out of Grand Rapids, I think.

Really dig her style—find her on FACEBOOK.

In process of making some really cool deck cards I look forward to seeing completed.

Also, had a nice chat with Jerry Shirts, ARTISTIC AEROSOL.

Though, find him on facebook because he did a commission for cosplayer, I think, and her fans crashed his website XD

And, I can’t seem to find his Etsy.

But, his stuff really is lovely:

Apparently, he’s having a hard time with C2E2 this year—despite 8 years of previous exhibitor status in artist alley—because, they think he makes shirts XD

sigh… humans…




Anyway, I look forward to seeing him at MotorCity.

UPDATE: He waas approved.




Ross fine candies, Est. 1940’s, was on the corner across from SPP and PD.

Rad hard candy daggers:


Father and son, being the Great grand son of the original owner.

Everything is hand made with quality ingredients—peanut butter cups were bomb.



Hope I was able to achieve what he was looking for—after cropping, of course.

So, I’m 2,200 words in, really need to eat and go to bed—work in 8 hours—still waiting on photos from Chad but I’m impatient and one for instant gratification so I’m going to post this anyway, without fucking editing…


He totally has a position on my cabinet.



More tomorrow…

…maybe… ;P

I’m a slacker, you know…




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