I’m so happy my nephew came home yesterday; so, now I’m not alone all day, every day.

To be fair; started adjusting, a bit—certainly realized how much I avoided having a social life for the last year now that I don’t have a full time job to throw myself into—though; I am working about 1 hour a day, 5 days a week.

I guess it has also been a decent and welcomed distraction; stupid hot 24 year old—I’m 34—blowing up my DMs. XD

Still rocking Random Dice (android) (iphone).

…started doing daily challenge on Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, of course I failed to log in to complete the 6th puzzle of the week and did not get the weekly prize pack… sigh.

Kind of stopped playing because it was to play with my nephew; but android offers a friends option where apple doesn’t; so us trying to battle each other is an exhausting count down, que, and either canceling or conceding when we don’t—over and over and over again.

X-Box game pass has been a bit of a life saver—games plays this week include:

Journey to a Savage Planet; My Friend Pedro; Children of Morta; and, Fallout 4.

I’m not a fan of FPSs as my brain has a hard time processing the information.

But—I am a fan of Fallout: New Vegas (do heavily rely on V.A.T.S. and companions) so naturally I’ve always wanted to check out Fallout 4 and it’s it’s free at the moment (I usually play in 3rd person).

The overall map is smaller but the individual cities seem to be pretty expansive.

The armor suits are dope, but fusion cores are rare and expensive—I’ve now scrapped most of Sanctuary and sold the steel and wood to buy several fusion cores from chick at the diner, which currently is the only vendor I’ve found selling them, at 10 hours in.

I’m sure I should be farther into the game but I’m a stupid flesh bag and keep dying… sigh.

Quicksave is my friend.

I made significant advancement in the story line tonight by entering vault 144 (I think) to save Nick—he’s now my companion.

OMG ‘os head shots, ‘oh XD

Then—broke into homeboy’s house and followed Dogmeat to track him down.

When it donned we had to cross the wasteland, immediately thought I would most likely run into enemies—and, should have also known the story would directly put enemies in my path.

Of course, just passed the first stop was two deathclaws battling each other… sigh—the only one encountered before this was at the time of acquiring the power suit.

Totally freaked out, went and bought a new core and scooped up the powersuit—and; of course, the time had advanced and weather had changed by the time I got back—they were gone—relief.

But—immediately around the corner, a legendary radiated molerat thingy popped with it’s nest and I was once again relieved to be wearing the suit.

Was a bit nervous going down into the underthingy because on discovery of the area attempting to find Diamond City, a super mutant was present and those things are waaaaaaay too powerful for me so I just run; however, we reached the check point at the stairs entry on opposite side before a legendary creature included wild dog pack, surrounded.

A few meters more, one of those giant bear things comes charging from the right; almost get it killed, three super mutants appear; slay them, giant mosquitoes spawn—I died—had forgotten to save after dog fight.


However; realized from this, the fusion core would die before reaching the next point so needed to conserve better—and, the thought of abandoning the suit in the middle of somewhere and having to traverse the wasteland to go get it when I need it has been abhorring since acquisition.

Of course—I ran when mosquitoes approached on second round—made it to the closest settlement as fusion core depleted and had to eject.

Picked up some resources in Sanctuary to procure another core but she hadn’t restocked yet so I called it a night.

Nephew has been wreaking My Friend Pedro—introduced him to Savage yesterday on his return and now dominating that too, so he’s pretty much taken over the xbox, and I’ve just been watching him.

He created this for a picture, because you can do that:

Surprisingly, there are a lot of review pdfs this week, too—mostly Action Lab.

Rik (our Editor-in-Chief) said Shield G-Man Club Fanzine #4 is something to take a look at.

Villains Seeking Hero (I just read the TPB and issue 6) isn’t great—all the character voices sound the same and the dialog is cliche—but; so is, like, 90% of comics—I’ve had to learn not to be so harsh.

I really liked the paneling here:

Killswitch is beautiful.

I’ve always been impressed with some people’s ability to see shapes and lines; dimensions—and then express them in cityscapes.

Walter Geovani is masterful.

Brittany Peer’s colors are high quality.

Again—the art is beautiful but by the end of issue #1, I’m a bit confused by the main character’s juxtaposition.

Yes—she experiences something horrendous but I feel like they did not express that experience well enough inside the dialog—nine pages to the lead up, two for the event, four in a back and forth over the event, two more talking about escaping around her but not really with her and then her helping them escape on the last two.

I also didn’t like the way the narration lettering placement was done—too much like a speech bubble in the panel, less like an overlay.

But—it sure is pretty.

And—it’s not bad—okay; I guess—maybe, even good.

Just—not great.

But—fuck, it’s real pretty.

And—I really enjoy the paneling.

Fine—it’s a decent title.

Moving on…

But—it’s 2:22AM—and; I think I’m done now.




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