So, I leave for San Diego in three days…
One of the guys at the card shop where I play magic, messaged me about Lake County Comic Con 2021 and sharing the appearance of JJ Cohen.
…I honestly had to look him up…
But—since I AM going to SDCC 2021 next weekend, and; it’s been, like, two years—decided to pre-game and took the day off from work—because life is too short not to be happy.

It was really nice because I had my kiddo this weekend and she was also off this morning so she went with me.

She asked if I thought there would be people there dressing up; and, if she could.

Of course both of those answers was “yes.”

We saw a nezuko plushy walking onto the con floor and HAD to have it : )

Yes! I slammed the movie in my last article but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the series.

And! Craft coffee from Coffee Shop of Horrors <3

…as someone who consumes two life supplies of coffee—traded for a life supply of coffee and avocado with my life’s supply of green peas and 75% of my cocktail shrimp—I’ve already consumed 3 cups since returning home and it’s absolutely wonderful <3

Then: @whateverjess caught our eye <3 absolutely stunning <3

My kid tells her she loves how her art isn’t standard and jess replies about wanting to show the many shades of beauty.

Across the way was The Crafty Gamer.

So, totally forgot his name (I’m awful, I know) but kiddo bought a few items and I bought an 8oz LONG REST.

We’re chatting and apparently totally just walked off without taking it and he finds me to give it to me, of course remembering my name (I’m awful, I know).

Thank you so much! I absolutely love it <3

…turned around to see @strokamillion

Super cool handmade cosplays!

We also picked up two books from Maureen Orkwis:

At this point, it was time to go talk to JJ.

His face and name was all over the promotional material.

Except—to his right—was Stephanie Phillips.


Like—she’s seriously the biggest deal in the whole place…

And—she gave me an interview!

And, then! I see Rick and Morty Vol. 2 colorist, Joshua Perez:

Who signed our books : )

It was also a pleasure to speak with local colorist, Mike Spicer:

Who took up gardening during the pandemic after having several titles cancel.

Thankfully, he’s working on Swamp Thing because my word is his technique mesmerizing.

I’m a huge fan of using negative space as contrast to create outlines.

Pictures do no do the cover justice.

And, then—and, then! Writer/creator of LYAXIA, Aron Pohara.

Kiddo loved the art and is a fan of mythology so we scooped the current four issues and a variant cover so he was really nice and threw in a free art print.

She was ecstatic!

At this point, JJ had several people around his table and we had to leave for kiddo to go to work, so we did.

All in all, it was a wonderful bonding experience for us and we had an absolute blast!

It’s been about five hours of crafting this article—I’m doubles next two days and fly out Wednesday so—I’m done.




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