Jerry “Judge” Hinds talks about SUPACROSS #2

Jerry “Judge” Hinds is the President of the Association of Comic Artists Singapore, a Stand-Up Comedian, and the creator of Supacross. He has been a fixture in the Singapore comic scene for years. He was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to let our readers know all about Supacross.

First Comics News: Who is Myst?

Jerry Hinds: A 17-year-old megastar street magician, Carla Carlson, actually has powers, and hides in plain sight.

1st: What brings Myst to Singapore?

Jerry: The ASEAN leg of her world tour. She gets her powers from the Orb of Orion – a magical dome that comes from the extra-Dimensional Z.

1st: Who is Singapore Sling?

Jerry: Crissy Lee. A precocious 14-year-old convent girl. Her powers come from the macabre SlingCrest – also born of Dimension Z.

1st: Who is D-Temasek?

Jerry: Rosli Rahim. A mild-mannered, slightly vain, 18-year-old art student. His powers come from being possessed by an ancient Malay warrior and magical alien warrior chief.

1st: Who is the Kreaper?

Jerry: A disgruntled Bangladeshi laborer who stumbled across a Dimension Z entity, which took control of both him and his blade cutter.

1st: What does the backer have to know about issue 1 before reading issue 2?

Jerry: There’s a full recap in each comic, so getting up to speed is no problem.

1st: This is issue 2, how many issues are there in the first story arc?

Jerry: 6.

1st: If backers missed the first issue, will it be available as an add-on?

Jerry: Yes.

1st: Does the comic deal with local Singapore issues?

Jerry: Yes. It touches on school pressures, societal inequalities, and aspects of a quite ‘straight’ society.

1st: What is The Association Of Comic Artists Singapore?

Jerry: We help local enthusiasts realize their comic dreams. We currently have two books with Caliber Comics and one other with Markosia. We also teach and take commercial and public storytelling and caricature commissions.

1st: Where can fans find the Kickstarter?


1st: What is the minimum pledge for a digital copy?

Jerry: Digital copies for $6.

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a print copy?

Jerry: Physical copies are $15.

1st: What makes Supacross #2 so cool that no true comic fan should miss it?

Jerry: Old-school superhero action. Revelations from the story emerge and major characterizations are built upon.

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