Jean-Luc Picard Stole the Show at Star Trek Con 2018

Saturday, August 4th, 2018 is a day that will go down in Star Trek history. In what was an “ordinary” Saturday at Creation Entertainment’s yearly Trek Convention, the fans were rocked to their core when surprise visitor, the Legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, burst energetically onto the main stage. The crowd sprang to their feet and erupted with pure jubilation, mouths hit the deck, and I’m fairly sure I saw tears of joy.

The British actor raised the microphone and the crowd stood frozen, waiting to see what was going to happen. Stewart began with how he got involved with the show, its 187 episodes and four movies. Stewart explained how he absolutely loved the role of Picard and the feeling of being on TNG. He loved the fan interactions and cast friendships. Then he dropped the bomb and said, he received an offer via email. One he knew he would have to turn down.

“But something has happened…” He went on to explain that he’d recently been rewatching TNG and had received several letters including one form a Las Vegas Detective Sergeant recounting that after a hard night’s work in law enforcement, after dealing with the barbarity of society, he would go to his video shelf, pull down TNG and watch it, knowing there would be a future.

Stewart then said, “And that lies at the center of what I have to tell you now. Jean-Luc Picard is back!” Again, the crowd erupted in to cheers and whistles. Stewart immediately showed his emotions and smiled ear to ear. He continued explaining that there were no scripts, no plans, just a lot of talking. But he promised that he would reprise his role and teased that Picard may no longer be a Captain.

Then almost as fast as it started, Stewart walked off the stage and it was over. It was at that very moment, everyone knew, nothing would ever top that. The convention would continue, but it would be all Picard.

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