Jason Martin talks about AMALGAMA

Our friend Jason Martin has a new comic coming out and you can pledge on Kickstarter now to get an early copy, or an exclusive cover as well as other cool swag. Jason was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to let us know all about Amalgama.

First Comics News: Who is Amalgama?

Jason Martin: Amalgama is a mash-up of three characters from the Danger Doll Universe; DollFace, Vampblade, and Zombie Tramp. Who’s taken on a life of her own in the origin mini-series Amalgama Lives!, which is out right now.

1st: What is her connection to the Danger Dolls?

Jason: She’s made up of their spliced genetics, and, as we’re starting to see and will explore in her series, she’s also taken a little bit from each of their personalities!

1st: How did Amalgama create a Danger Doll combined body?

Jason: The true Amalgama is a small symbiotic creature that nests in the cavity of a host body and controls it. Which is all revealed in the second Danger Doll Squad series, Galactic Gladiators.

1st: How did the combined body survive the Danger Dolls escape?

Jason: When the Danger Doll Squad girls escaped at the end of Galactic Gladiators (to return to Earth), their combined body was left behind…

1st: How did Amalgama take their combined body as her own?

Jason: So the Amalgama creature, liking what it had seen of its new creation, took it for itself.

1st: What happened to Amalgama’s original body?

Jason: The Amalgama body we knew from that series was destroyed (then abandoned and subsequently eaten) at the end of the story! (And so, the true Amalgama creature – think Kuato from Total Recall – is now at the core of the Amalgama in the Amalgama Lives! series)

1st: Do you have to read DANGER DOLL SQUAD PRESENTS: AMALGAMA LIVES! to follow the Amalgama on-going series?

Jason: No. AMALGAMA: SPACE ZOMBIE will be a fresh start for the character and readers.
However, you can, of course, read the two preceding series for a much deeper understanding of how she came to be. Which of course all ties into the other Danger Doll characters and larger connected universe.

1st: Why do a Kickstarter for the on-going series?

Jason: Action Lab has done a Kickstarter for each new ongoing Danger Doll Universe series, starting with DollFace. To help fund the production and also to help get each new series launched.

1st: What can we expect from Amalgama without the Danger Dolls?

Jason: Just like with the other books in the Danger Doll Universe, Amalgama will have her own mythology and stories, but set in outer space. Giving us a look at new corners of the universe (literally and figuratively), while also allowing for some straight up sci-fi genre fun and cosmic misadventures in the style that fans of our books are accustomed to!
And, once you see her origin, I think it’s safe to say that her story with the Danger Doll Squad hasn’t come to an end. So I’d expect her to eventually cross paths with the other characters again!

1st: The Kickstarter was fully funded in the first day, what type of rewards are offered and what is still to be unlocked?

Jason: Yeah, that was crazy. At this point, all of the rewards are still available, but we do have some new things planned for stretch goals if we reach 20k and beyond…
So yes, we’ve got many different covers by amazing artists that are exclusive to the Kickstarter. As well as some rare and unique items from the Danger Doll Universe books.

1st: How long between the Kickstarter for issue #1 and issue #2?

Jason: The Kickstarter books will be released close to the series launch in comic book shops this August, so there won’t be much of a wait between issues 1 and 2. Probably just a month or two.

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