Jason Loo talks about the PITIFUL HUMAN-LIZARD

jason-looFirst Comics News: Who is Lucas Barrett?

Jason Loo: Lucas is a 9-5 office clerk who seeks excitement from his mundane life by dressing up and going around the city of Toronto as a superhero. He’s not great at it, but he’s a very down-to-earth character that readers can easily connect with.

1st: How do Lucas gain his powers?

pitiful-human-lizard-1Jason: Lucas finds that his superhero budget has been exhausted since he’s not as resourceful as Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. So he signs up as a guinea pig to test out a prototype drug for a pharmaceutical company. After some disgusting results, he gets his powers.

1st: What is so special about his gloves and shoes?

Jason: His gloves and shoes allow him to climb walls. They were originally constructed by his dad who ran a glue company.

1st: What makes Lucas want to be a super hero?

Jason: Being a superhero makes Lucas feel he’s doing something greater in his life than crunching numbers at his corporate job.

1st: Is he any good at it?

Jason: No. He struggles a lot at it. But that adds to the humour in the series.

1st: If he is pitiful and humiliated, does he actually protect the streets of Toronto?

Jason: He tries his best, too. Sometimes luck plays a factor to him saving the day.

1st: Why the lizard as his totem animal?

pitiful-human-lizard-2Jason: As a new Canadian superhero, I wanted to think something of left field. I wanted to make him look awkward and out of place in the Canadian city he’s trying to protect, so why not a lizard.

1st: Does he know about Spider-man’s less pitiful human lizard villain?

Jason: No, different universe.

1st: Who was the original Lizard-Man?

Jason: His father who was a charismatic businessman that ran a glue company. He wanted to prove the strength of his adhesive product by dressing up as a lizard as a publicity stunt and climbing well-known Toronto landmarks with his wall-climbing gloves and shoes.

1st: What is Lucas’s relationship with the original Lizard-Man?

Jason: Lizard-Man aka Hugh Barrett is the father of Lucas.

1st: Who is Mother Wonder?

Jason: Mother Wonder is Toronto’s finest superhero. She’s also a mother of three, works an busy admin job for a non-profit organization, all while protecting the city from big threats. She’s also the Human-Lizard’s role model.

pitiful-human-lizard-31st: Who is the Majestic Rat?

Jason: Majestic Rat is the Human-Lizard’s superhero partner/friend. He’s the self-proclaimed King of the Underworld who has a legion of rats and gators at his command.

1st: Who is Barb?

Jason: Barb is a school teacher with the powers to break or move things with her mind. She’s annoyed by the Human-Lizard and thinks she can do a better job playing superhero than him.

1st: Does the Pitiful Human Lizard have a pitiful lizard-mobile or does he have to ride the bus?

Jason: The Human-Lizard does rely on public transit to get to places. Or by foot.

1st: How well does he do with hand to hand combat?

Jason: He’s not a master at it, but he is taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons. He’s an underachiever.

1st: How does he explain his injuries as Lucas?

Jason: Most likely accidents as he naturally comes off as a goofball to his co-workers in the office.

1st: How does he pay for his costume and his Jiu-Jitsu lessons?

pitiful-human-lizard-4Jason: Usually from his office job.

1st: For anyone on the fence about The Pitiful Human-Lizard, what make Lucas’ story so cool no true comic fans should miss it?

Jason: Imagine the classic Ditko-era Peter Parker still being a pathetic character in his thirties, with no amazing superpowers and no Mary Jane Watson. He’s a very relatable and humble underdog character who readers will want to cheer for! Plus, it’s a great window to seeing how Canadians are really like in Toronto.

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