iZombie writer rises again with new series Last Rites

The best-selling creator behind iZombie is back and this time he’s brought a whole army!

In January, New York Times best-selling writer Chris Roberson returns to the undead with a new comic series, Last Rites.

Zombie Army: Last Rites cover by Andrea Mutti

This spine-chilling new series ties into the forthcoming release of the latest episode in Rebellion’s number one best-selling video game series, Zombie Army!

In the crossover between comics and video games that only a company like Rebellion can pull off, Last Rites tells the story of a squad of deadhunters led by Efram Schweiger, and includes characters from the best-selling Zombie Army series of games.

Drawn by Italian artist Andrea Mutti, Last Rites debuts in Judge Dredd Megazine #416, on sale 15 January 2020, ahead of the release of the new Zombie Army 4: Dead War game on 4 February.

This new five-part story introduces comics readers to Schweiger and his squad of Marie Chevalier (from Zombie Army Trilogy), engineer Shola (from Zombie Army 4), and new characters Sikh Regiment Major Haripal Singh and former SOE operative Reginald Patterson.

World War Two is over and Hitler is dead … but the Dead War is just beginning! As the team pushes through Southern France, clearing out what they believe to be the last of the dead, they encounter a town in which a new zombie threat is emerging, and must fight for their lives…

The series will appear alongside Zombie Army: Fortress of the Dead, Chris’ new action-adventure novel also set in the world of Zombie Army. Fortress of the Dead from Rebellion Publishing will launch alongside Zombie Army 4: Dead War in the US on February 4 and in the UK on February 6.

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